Fysh tails. (pun pun)

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

had my dinner..juz got home frm cck stadium..where i went to buy camping stuff. feelin really tired now..but i've not even packed my stuff for tmr's ltc yet..:\ saw a lotta nice nice stuff today...but kinda lazy to type it all out..hmm, niwae..i'll not be bloggin for the nex 5 days..cos i'll be away at camp..but i'll be bringing my hp, so feel free to call or msg ya? :) esp when i'm on solo night, i would really love to talk to someone..hahaha..yup..oh well..byebye bloggie. :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

heh..juz returned frm training..:) all i've got to say is.. "ShIOk AhHh" lol..today was weights training day..so ya..all the gym stuff lor..but b4 that our warmup was 4 rounds arnd the outer track. then stretch..then ya..on to weights..
Did six stations, 3 sets of fifteen each.
hmm..lets see..
1. Benchpress
2. Bicep Curl
3. Squats using the benchpress machine
4. Diamond Back
5 & 6.. ?! duno la..juz do..heh. ya..then 90 crunches..all that usual stuff..heh. isn't canoeing fun? :D whee..but so sad..tmr canot go trng..gotta go shopping for my LTC stuff..argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stress lar..must buy what camera..broomstick..all that shit..5 days of suffering..damn it. :\ nvm la..i think i shall bring a few cartons of milk to the camp..then drink all on the same day..HAHAHA. i juz finished one litre of i-cal again..shit..this sounds like drugs l0h..ahha..ya..like those people who got caught for smoking outta college..i think that's quite dumb lor...of all the places..they had to smoke nearby..ahhah..serves them right..actually i'm not suprised..hmm..nvm..racist stuff..
anyway, juz wanna say..angie u stupid girl, u hit me so many times for nutz! i din even do anything lor! what nonsense la..and my class is seriously traumatising me..dunno wtf ben said my body damn hard la..blah blah..then everyone come touch me..wth. SIAM LAR U ALL BODY TOUCHERS. OR I"LL SUE UR ASSES OFF FOR MOLESTATION. hehe..eh..i'm thinking of forming a new club in sch..its called the F.T.G. (Fraternity of Traumatised Guys). yup, strictly for guys only..no girls allowed. Every meeting sure got CIP hours. Then every wed meet at one table..then got sharing session..where one by one the guys share their traumatising moments..ya..then end of the month got prizes one..like "Best Traumatising Experience" And "Best Traumatisee"..cos since got traumatiser then must have traumatisee rite? it all makes sense..yup..my brain's cracking up..everything i say is outta point.. tEEhEheeEhHEhehEhEHhEhHEhEhHEhehHEEtEEhEHHEhE. k.

Monday, July 28, 2003

oh ya..juz one thing i wanna add..eh why am i like the last link on everyone's blog?! sweet mother of mary man..lolz. :)
my fingers are trembling even as i'm typing now...haha..had training juz now..and boy oh boy was it shiok man. Did circuit, pull ups, and one hell lotta crunches...haha..whole body feels damn good now..cos i can't feel anything. :) what's VBALL compared to canoeing man. heheheh. :P kidding..at least vball has quite good team spirit..of cos la..since inside there got so many scandalZzZ..lol..yup..and to add on to my numb body, i fell in the toilet juz now..i suppose its due to my trembling legs..ahha..
hmm. speaking of falling down..i have a riddle..which animals keeps on falling down?
Ans: a f0x. cos its "jiao3 hua2" ahha meaning sly! :D slippery legs! woo!
anyway, that's besides the point..haha..i fell on my butt..but like got no feelin liddat..cos numb..kewl~ :D muhAhAH..yup, and i had 2 litres of milk for dinner. 1 litre NUtriSOy..and 1 litre I-cal..hEHhE..hOH sEh lAz. milK R0X. :)
yup..and i saw hockey galz jamie and eugenia running on the track..so hoh seh..so hard working..but how come only 2 girls? so weird..must be some sorta secret training..heh.
k la..today i was kinda in a bad mood..cos i was having a really bad headache..largely due to not drinking water..so that's why i was kinda anti-social...eh sorry ah angie..no hard feelings? :)
hahah..hmm..i had a really nice story..last time i was like that..some sec 1 guy came n pissed the living hells outta me..so ya..u know what happened..he went home crying..aiya..not that i'm mean la..but i have my limits too ya? blame himself for being irritable. heh. yupz, sorry guys :)
k la..my fingers are trembling till cannot tremble liao..shall go sleep now..:) nitezZ

Sunday, July 27, 2003

Yellow Rose
Your Flower Color Is Yellow, Your Filled With Joy,
Care, And Love.

What Color Flower Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

oh bright and cheery me~ :)
had another really borin day..lol. watchin bean now. woo~ juz love him man! hAhAHa

Saturday, July 26, 2003

wooo~ today has been a really how should i say...Good day? heh. all i did was use the comp, n watch tv. yup, i went on a slackathon. :) then in the evening i went to watch t3. ahhaha..i've got nothing to say..but juz give 2 thumbs up for the REALLY REALLY cool explosions :D alotta pple said t3 sucks..but i dun really agree..k la..maybe for the last part..the 2 heroes juz end up in some underground bunker. bah. so much for some finale explosion i was expecting. oh well, there was a part which i found funny. this part where Arnie said " You cannot self- terminate." hahaha, k fine..but it tickles my funny bone. :) yupz, and i found the T-X model damn nice. with all the metallic stuff and blue lights. woo whee~ i think i shall go buy one and put in my room~ then i can stare it everyday! but sadly..there's a hole in my pocket..cos i bought this new adidas climalite shirt which costed 40 bucks. oh well, i'm an impulse buyer! hehehe. i dun mind eating one-tonne mee for the rest of the week. :D hmm..jiahui's having trouble with her blog..gotta help her..maybe blog later.

Friday, July 25, 2003

oh yea..and juz b4 i turn in, i juz wanna announce that Alvyn Cheong Wei Hao is afraid of MICE. HWHAHAHAH. :D cos my dad saw him run away at the sight of a teeny weeny lil rodent~ lolololol. gotcha there alv~ tEEheE. :P
lol. juz helped jiahui get rid of her ugly "your title" thingy. oh well, gotta sleep now..mum's naggin..heh
nothing much to say these days..guess nothing special really happened in my life. sighz, sometimes i just wish that life was a lil bit different. sometimes i juz wish that i could be in part of a video game..
dammit. i juz realised that that pic can't show on other comps cos i din upload it. darn darn darn. nvm. i go get one t3 pic. :)
hahaha..i made that pic myself. any comments? :)
You represent... playfulness.
You represent... playfulness.
Playfulness can often be mistaken for sluttiness or
flirtiness... Flirting is something you enjoy
doing, but you're mostly just about having fun.
You're into partying, and it's seems that
people enjoy your company as much as you enjoy

What feeling do you represent?
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hahah..i think that really suits me! :D well, at least its better than being angsty! tEehEe.

Thursday, July 24, 2003

Eh pple, tmr pon sch go support pjc canoeing ya? :D
Read below. =)

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

just returned frm the comp as red as a lobster. damn tired. shall go sleep now.

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Alright! Revamped my entire blog! Added Commentaries and TagBoard. Yupzz...must write stuff in it ah! :) hahah..feelin quite happy now juz lookin at my blog. so nice!
fine..enough of all my crap. well, on to my day!

I attended some Senior Civil Servant Talk..which was quite okay la..the Brigadier General was quite a good speaker..but the last part of his talk was the best! Cause he showed us some really funny and cute pictures of animals..yup..but it wasn't that funny in the end. Cos he took up our recess time. lol.
Ya..then went for chem prac..on Chemical Kinetics..woah..never been so shiok...got timing to keep one..haha..then in the end i poured all the chemicals into the sink..kinda like making rojak..haha..then din know they reacted to produce some gas which made me tear. lolx!
mmm..then the rest of the day went by quite okay..quite irritated during maths..cos i was having a headache..really hot weather i guess. Yupz, so i've gotta drink more water! :D
Ya..then wasted 1 and a half hours sleeping in the Lt when i'm supposed to be listening to PW stuff. heh.
Afterthat...angie and I went to bukit panjang plaza..on the way met Hong yi, so asked him to join us. went to macs to have SHAKER FRIESSSS!! woo!
then talk nonsense, eg. scandals, gossips..blah blah. heh. both of em were kinda blackmailing each other with their own scandals, so i juz sat back and listened. :) free show.
nothing they can do to me anyway..hahah..i've got no scandals! i'm a very faithful boy. :D
hehehe..yupz..then went home to have my dinner.
sian..tmr still gotta wake up early..gotta be at kallang at 7.30am lo..meeting teammates at 6.30 at clementi..which means i gotta wake up at 5!! omg! .. -.- k..shan't whine..
juz added comments part
hoh seh la..i juz love matrix stuff :)

Monday, July 21, 2003

tryin to get tagboard to work

Sunday, July 20, 2003

Hmm. Today was a REALLY lousy day, and i Dun wanna comment about it.
Anyway, Angela shared a few racist jokes which i din even know she knew.
okay here goes

Racist Joke #1
What do u call a Westerner wearing a mask?

A Knight.

What do u call a Chinese wearing a mask?

A Warrior.

What do u call a Japanese wearing a mask?

A Samurai.

So...What do u call an INDIAN wearing a mask?


Racist Joke #2

Why shouldn't u let INDianS take corners?

Cos they'll set up a MAMAST0re there.

That's all. MOre to come. COurtesy of angela toy. :)

Thursday, July 17, 2003

Have u ever felt that at one point in your life, all you wanted was to spend quality time with ur loved one? Just holding hands, and just walking slowly down a long long stretch of road..there's no need for any talking..for both sides already understand each other? Right now, if i could have one wish..I would just wish to walk with her down a never ending stretch of road..quiet, yet serenaded by the sound of crickets chirping. Simple isn't it? Yet it isn't so easy. Sometimes, simple things are the hardest to come by. I don't know how to make you trust me..I've tried to shun her, leave her alone and not talk to her. But yet..i can still see that u're uncomfortable. I really don't know how. You know what kinda person i am, and i mean EVEN IF i like someone, i'e always put faithfulness above like. And you know that. I really miss you, i really do.

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Today, i saw a horse shoe crab. OMG!
Please Refer to http://www.assateague.com/horsesho.html
ooo..aren't they cute? :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

okay. all i can say now is one word. "sian". today was a damn sian day, with sian lessons, sian breaks, sian recesses, sian pple, sian after sch activities. just one of my typical days in PJC. hehe. pjc juz r0x l0..nothing to say..

yeah..d/ling t3: rise of the machines now. broadband juz rox..ahha..can juz d/l n d/l. so song. darn..really tired now..argh..zzz.

Monday, July 14, 2003

hahaa..k..juz finished doing the pw surveys. okay. for the mid yrs, i got Quadraple Fs and 2 Bs. B for GP and Chinese. HAHAH. i rawk. tEeHee. aiya..sianz..meet parents liao l0r..yeah..that's all...but i'm juz afraid it'll affect the teacher's decision to put me as capt..sighz..then today also late for sch..wtf lor..

oh well, kanasai day. but yeah..its time i studied la..been playin for like god knows how long..yup..i've gotta STUDY STUDY STUDY. i'll show those low down "PJC CANNOT MAKE IT MUGGERS" THE TRUE POWER OF THE CHINESE HIGH. WHHAHAHA> AFETR ALL I DIDN"T GET INSIDE FOR NUTZ> I DIN PAY MY FRIGGIN WAY IN. HELL YEAH> I"M GONNA RAWK PJC TO DA CORE. Mark my words. :) hoh seh la.

Sunday, July 13, 2003

hmm. i'm happy today. :) don't know why. but i juz feel happy. lol. doing my gp work now. Its about " Crime And Punishment ". Don't know what to write..but wrote crap..juz for the sake of doing. At least my teacher wun have any excuse to say that i din make and effort to do her work. yupz..and i still have maths..trigo..urgh..sucks. i'm dling "findin Nemo" now. lol. such a cute show! haha..my mum actually subscribed to the lousy jetpack plan. supposed to be 19.90 for 250 mb only..but i d/led like over 2gig of stuff. hurhur. so she got pissed and changed the plan to unlimited. so now i can d/l n d/l~! :D woooo

i've come to realise that i still like her. yupz.. altho i pretend that i do not in front of her, i still do..deep down inside. oh well, its a good thing i suppose. afterall, there's no point brooding over "she likes me, she likes me not"..haha..i believe she does. and that's my p.o.f. don't know if she still does tho..if u're readin this, do u? haha..kinda dumb..but ya..afterall this is a blog. my blog. all my thots are supposed to be in it~ mmm..gotta do work now..maybe blog later
juz woke up.. ZzZ..fingers to tired to type..haven't had bf yet..bah..blog later.

Saturday, July 12, 2003

hmm, okay. juz watched "Final Descent". not bad..its a show abt mountain climbers involved in some money laundering. plot is quite nice. nice scenery and all. but most of all, it juz potrays man's greed. :)

i'm wearing my pjc canoeing jersey now. eh..not exactly jersey la..the singlet. hahaha..its black n its damn comfortable~ so darn cool. better than waga also. hurhur.

boring day. bah. still got maths hw to do. i'll do it tmr la..sianz. maths sarkz. yupz..i'm so looking forward to ltc man. shud be one helluva experience. :)

today was such a wasted day...had chinese A level listening compre in the morning..kinda easy..piece of cake really..heh. :) my chinese is juz too good la..i flunked the whole mid yrs except for my GP n chinese. hurhur. this goes to show that my lang. is juz too pro liaoz. yar..then after that the weather was practically shit. raining cats and dogs..so couldn't go anywhere. stayed in sch to r0t lor..

stoned and stoned...then went to library to accompany nancy. read a book entitled "7 habits of Effective Teens" 2 words. bullshit. really l0r..haha..then went for lunch at kopitiam. ate chicken rice..cos it was not bad..then went back to sch for LTC briefing.

Dammit lor. i thought the briefing would only be a while..didn't know it would last for 5 hrs. fark. wasted my whole day going thru so much useless shit.. argh...then summore i was cold, hungry and miserable..pure torture.

went home, bathed, watched cartoon, ate. the end. will blog later. damn sian now.

Thursday, July 10, 2003

today was quite an okay day la...nothing much happening. sianz..juz had my dinner..feel damn sleepy..yawnz..

anyway, i had Pe for first period today..got orientation. yup, ORIENTATION. dunno for what fark. all we had to do was run arnd the whole sch, looking for checkpoints. total of 12. then some pple damn knn lor..i found the damned clue, and then they juz come n leech. Conversation as follows.

Me : "eh guys i found the clue liaoz, its over here"

Gary : "wah eh pple they found the clue! lets go see!"

Me : *frowns*

damn lame l0r..blooder leechers. then when they got the clue, some guy called kee chern ran like a fag lor. cos he saw angela running also, then he did some martial arts move, more commonly known as Qing Gong. wah, then run damn fast, even faster then angie, altho she was a sprinter. so pro siaz..nex time can take part in olympics.

oh well, ya then i was damn pissed off. cos of idiots like that in my class. but nvm la..at least the pe teacher was nice. he was a njc canoeist, which means that he'll be the new teacher in charge of canoeing too. that makes 4 teachers now. i juz like his face, cos he has these really small eyes, which make him look shy..aww.. i think i'll go make friends with him, then can slack durin pe. hehehe...anyway he let us off early so after pe was recess, i went to buy chicken rice. then i left it on the table, and went to talk to classmates. then my seniors shouted something which sounded like " fish! got bird eatin ur rice!" .. so i turned and saw the DAMNED bird pecking at a piece of chicken on my rice. dammit. then the auntie who was cleaning tables came and scolded me...i think cos she thot i fed the bird or sumthin. basket. who would wanna feed a bloody mynah.

then the rest of the day was quite okay la..getting back results n stuff..of which i failed like every subj. dun ask me why..i juz failed..cos i din touch my notes? gaahaha..i think i'm still sleeping..lol..and i'm lazy to wake up..sighz.

yeah then after sch hung out at bpp with angie and ben. went to kfc to eat the snack pack thingy. but they din have banditto. only had what crispy strips. so i bought that. not bad la..juz that its the extended version of popcorn chicken. oh ya, i realised popcorn chicken goes damn well with cheese too. :) ya..then walked arnd. then went home. basically i juz haf no life.

oh well, something good happened today tho. Me and 3 other pple frm the canoeing team got nominated for LTC ( leadership trng course). heheh..damn excited..lookin forward to it..:D cos dun hafta go to sch~! and the programmes seem quite nice too..got 20km land ex, half day kayaking, abseiling, all the usual OBS stuff. but ya..i'm looking forward to meetin new pple. i sure hope they're normal..i mean..they have to be..or they wun be future capts ya? hurhur..yeah..hope got chiobu also... :P

sometimes you tell urself u've found the perfect girl, and u're over the moon. then after a while, both sides break up, and u realise that the girl which u've been lookin for has always been before ur very eyes. someone which u'll commit to, and share ur life with.

isn't it funny, that we, being humans, always go for things which we will never get, or which other pple might not approve of? is it the thrill, the challenge, or the feeling of rebelliousness? whatever pple tell us not to do, we do it. why? lol. how funny. one word of advice : always cherish the people arnd u, for u might one day fall in love with em. :)

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Okay..yesterday was my first attempt at trying to write a racist blog which was compatible with jj's. haha..so far i've received negative comments..so ya..i'll stop. or at least try my best la..hehe. today was quite a short day..cos of ccas..yupz..so i'll elaborate on different periods of the day.

first period was chinese..generally okay la..new teacher and all, but she's quite nice. she juz came back frm maternity leave..so i guess she must be feelin kinda motherly now..yupz, maybe that's why she's so nice. anyway, she made us practise for mungen oral..read passages, blah blah n stuff..quite sianz..

then later on to chem lect..got back our papers..i got lousy marks. dammit l0r..but kinda expected it anyway..can't really get good marks if u dun study rite? so ya..can't blame anyone but myself. sat there n sulked. hehe. :P angela did quite well tho..really envious. :) ya..then i felt damn sleepy..so after that i went to the classroom to take a nap..ZzzZ.

after that was Gp. the new teacher was Steph Chua. she made us do some lousy mind mapping shit..on which i wrote lotsa racist crap..

ya..then had chem tutorial. then went for trng..

aiyar..dun feel like bloggin today..sianz. damn tired. juz came back frm trng.
eh want funny laughs? go to this blog. mamast0re.blogspot.com .. bet u'll laugh ur balls off..even if u don't have any. h0h seh la. my life r0x0rz. Does yours?

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

hoH sEh lA jJ. u Da mAn, mAn. loLZ.
...wah lao..i damn long nv blog..cos busy during these few days. knn. spent my time selling drinks to mat kids. The whole "diva la futbol" was like some underground mat n butch meeting ground l0hz..dammit man..talking abt bucthes, i juz feel like slapping em l0r. bu4 nan2 bu4 nu3. what the hell. dun even know if they're guy or girl. screw em la. so ugly. posers. i think matS are still better poSers lor..even tho they both sark. but nvm la. got 84 hrs of cip juz by selling drinks at 1 dollar per can. h0h seh lar dun hafta do anymore shitty cip.

hAhEz..today r0x lor. timetable changed like no one's business. got new maths n physics teacher. hurhur. physics teacher looks damn tan lor. then durin lecture always flex her arm, like some bodybuilder liddat. damn scary siaz. even tho she's those kind of pple whom even xu en can whack. lol. got even more hoh seh stuff l0rz. our maths teacher got moustache one man! so HIP SIA. SO MAcHO. makes me swoon. hAhAre. her voice also damn manly..like those hIpStEr mAt RAppEr liDdAt. cannot make it.

yA..then after sch..went delifrance..wanted to go GelArE..kaoz..go there that time, then realise no more ice cream. really l0r. who wants to eat cream..looks like shit l0r. i wont pay 5 bucks for juz maple syrup and lousy whipped cream slapped on some lousy "AUTHENTIC BELGIUM WAFFLE". rEAllY lor..more liKe BouGht frm Cold Storage one...butthen made in BelGium. STill The sAme what. tRiCkstErS sia..must be some underground mat org. raising funds for the war effort. wah not bad..at last some not bad idea. but they're still stupid la..remove ice cream for what..ya anyway, went to delifrance to eat kentang. wah lao..seriously sucks bad lorz..at first still quite okay..then later wanna puke. yucks lar..left half the potato there.

hAh...then later went home..saw some mat skAtErzZ at the void deck tryin to SkAte ArnD..wah DAmn pRo..likE Tony hAwk'S tWin liDdat. cAn Do bAckFlipS And StuFf..So HIP SIA..h0h SeH La..i Think tmr i go join em..oh ya..but i dun have c00l skates..how? nvm l0r. go steal tmr.

juZ hAd mY DinnEr. GonnA SlAck mY niGhT AwAy. liFe R0X. HoH SEh lArZ.

Friday, July 04, 2003

wAhz. today was a damn tiring day..started off by going to town to meet angela..we then had lunch at scotts there, the underground kopitiam. dunno what's it called. hehe, then as usual i had kuay chap. i juz love it! got pig intestine, fish cake, salted vege..and the chilli was damn nice too. hahah, yeah, then went to ps to watch movie with angela. wanted to watch Twins Effect one..but then when we got there, only the first 3 rows were available. so din watch. watched dumb and dumberer in the end. HAHAHA. damn DUMB. hmm, my verdict is, u'll enjoy it more with a grp of friends, nv with a girl/guy. ahhaa..cos its kinda corny..lotsa sexual jokes also. yupz, so we luffed n luffed. then met jamie n some other girl after that. had to buy carnival stuff. THIS is the worst part of my day. I'll list out where we went.

Ps ---> Tanglin Mall ---> Forum ---> Lucky PLaza ---> Far East PLaza ---> Taka ---> Youth park. THE WHOLE TIME IT WAS FREAKIN RAINING. BASKET. spent arnd like 30 mins walking arnd, searching for stuff like fabric paint, darts, ribbons, etc. then hurried down to youthpark to pass the stuff to the gal in charge. she passed us the t-shirts that we were supposed to wear tmr. ITS RED, with girly shit stuff on it. dammit la. really makes us look like fags. oh well, at least pple will see me wearing a different colour. which is a really really rare sight, cos i always wear white. hahaha. yeahz. gotta go liaoz. tmr hafta wake up at 5.30. knn. EH THOSE PPLE READIN THIS, GO YOUTH PARK TMR N SUNDAY TO SUPPORT K? :D
damn..i was playing with jiahui minesweeper flags. and I LOST 4 TIMES IN A ROW!
I'll TRASH u nEX TIME.. GrRrRR. :P:p;P;P
hahah..woke up at eight today! one of the latest times i ever woke up. lol. yes LATEST. :D i brushed my teeth, emptied listerine into my mouth, cried, then spitted it out. AHahha, ever thot of using the listerine bottle as ur water bottle? it'll look really really neat! LOL. i was really hungry, but much to my chagrin, THERE WAS NO FOOD! Allah didn't bless me with food today, maybe cos i had pork chop for dinner yesterday. :P so i had to wait till lunch time. sighz. hahahAH, angela juz called me. said she couldn't print the stars out. HAHAHA, really l0rz..they were supposed to get it done by yesterday. lousy logistics. :) yupz. so i'm talking to jiahui on msn now. suprisingly she woke up real early today~ maybe cos she knew i was online. hehehe. sighz, got a long day ahead of me..gotta go town n do this and do that. all i wanna do right now is sit in front of my comp and play games! bahz..exams over already n yet i still feel so sian. someone cheer me up by treating me to a movie ya? :D
anyway, gotta meet alv in the afternoon to go town together. that lucky guy got a date. i'm jealous. :P buy balls, i think mine will drop off first. SIAN LAR. hahaha, anyway, to pple taking the oral today, all the best to u guys! Mao Zedong Wan4 Shui4~! :D

Thursday, July 03, 2003

its been a few days since i last blogged..was busy with exams n stuff. and also had to put up with my mum terminating my pacific net pdu account. so now i'm using singnet. damn. so lets take a step back, and see how i "think" i did for my mid yrs. 20% of promos. hurhur.

Gp - Quite confident. spammed 5 pages of politically correct english. :D

Chinese "AO" - don't ask me why i'm takin this. I failed my higher chinese b-e-a-utifully with a D7. :P hmm, quite okay la..except for compo.

Economics - Quite bad. Mcq was okay. but essay part was like shit. didn't even know what i was writing. questions were dead easy, but i didn't study. my fault.

Chemistry - one hell l0t of red0x. REALLY lucky if i can pass.

Physics - shud be able to pass la. one hell lot of dynamics questions tho. fark.

Maths C - Don't even ASK. :)

Muahaha. that's all. i think outta the 20% i get 5 percent i'm happy enough. heh.

yeah, so today the exams ended. went out to town with angela, went to get liz's prezzie, then walked around for a while, then met jamie at Hmv. jamie suggested to take neoprint. so we went up to take. kaoz..damn hungry lorz..so i was like half sulking..haha..the pictures turned out good tho, jamie had a boogie on her nose n mouth, made her look like a doggie. :D hAHah, laughed my balls off. yupz, then walked to cine to have my meal. jamie wanted to eat bk. yucks. hate bk. :\ but nvm. lol. gotta give her face. heh. yeah then after eating, felt really bad. cos i spent 25 bucks already. shit larz. no money. a lotta pple still owe me money lorz.
knn. nvm. then went to walk walk. angela n jamie kept goin to those "girl" shops to look at stuff. so all i could do was follow. wah lanz, they kept on looking at bikinis n stuff. wth could i do. try em on? so i stoned down there. pretending to be interested. :p lololol. then went home l0rz..190 was farking crammed. stand until leg cram. ya..then reached home, had dinner, bathed, n now i'm sitting down in front of my com blogging. :)