Fysh tails. (pun pun)

Thursday, July 21, 2005

ahh. an update after more than 1 month. i have no idea who the hell reads this anymore but a big kudos to u if u are reading this (:

anyhow, i was really cynical today. or in other words, i was feeling mean.
no idea how that came about, but yea.
said some really mean things in the heat of the moment, then realised i shouldnt have said those stuff at all.

so for those who wanna know what mean things i did. here's a few.

#1. We went to watch "All about dogs". it was about this story about some guy and his dog. it was supposed to be really touching because of the dog's loyalty and all, but when the dog died, i laughed. its fucking mean, but yeah cynicism for you. and i should have just STFU-ed while watching it lah. i was commenting on almost everything. come to think of it, that movie would be really good if there weren't so much repetitive parts. but then again, its a jap movie, so waddya expect.

#2. there was this blind man who was walking (or rather, trying to walk) with his cane near the MRT station. instead of stopping and giving way to him, i kinda just stepped over his cane and continued walking. plus i added "this guy needs a dog like pochi( the name of the dog in the movie)". yeah its fucking mean, so i hereby apologize to him.

"sorry uncle. i should have given way to you. my bad."

not sure if i offended anyone else today. but for some people, it was intended. here's a big fuck you to you from urs truly before i stop feeling mean. (: