Fysh tails. (pun pun)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Went to Blackboard last night after I saw on FB people comparing their results for the film evaluation, presentation and class participation for 2112.

Class participation - 8/10 Ok. Fair enough.
Presentation - 8.5/10 Ok. Fair enough.
Film Evaluation - 66/100 What.The.Fuck?

66/100? Never have I gotten so low for any of my reports before. I went to re-read my evaluation again - and i asked myself this question, "How the fuck does this warrant a 66?"

I thought I was the only one with crappy marks, turns out I was wrong. 5 minutes later, Jem, YR and I were all bitching about it on Whatsapp.

So today we went down to school to collect our scripts, because we all wanted to see where we went wrong.

I got my script, flipped through.

Guess what. Save for 2 inverted commas, nothing else was written on my script.

No comments.
No criticisms.

If there's nothing, then how the fuck is my 66/100 justified?

Seriously, fuck you Hans. You're a fucking sloppy piece of shit. I don't think you even bothered to read our scripts and give comments.

No errors in the Reference section and you only gave 4/5 for the APA section?

Fuck you very much indeed.