Fysh tails. (pun pun)

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Alright! Revamped my entire blog! Added Commentaries and TagBoard. Yupzz...must write stuff in it ah! :) hahah..feelin quite happy now juz lookin at my blog. so nice!
fine..enough of all my crap. well, on to my day!

I attended some Senior Civil Servant Talk..which was quite okay la..the Brigadier General was quite a good speaker..but the last part of his talk was the best! Cause he showed us some really funny and cute pictures of animals..yup..but it wasn't that funny in the end. Cos he took up our recess time. lol.
Ya..then went for chem prac..on Chemical Kinetics..woah..never been so shiok...got timing to keep one..haha..then in the end i poured all the chemicals into the sink..kinda like making rojak..haha..then din know they reacted to produce some gas which made me tear. lolx!
mmm..then the rest of the day went by quite okay..quite irritated during maths..cos i was having a headache..really hot weather i guess. Yupz, so i've gotta drink more water! :D
Ya..then wasted 1 and a half hours sleeping in the Lt when i'm supposed to be listening to PW stuff. heh.
Afterthat...angie and I went to bukit panjang plaza..on the way met Hong yi, so asked him to join us. went to macs to have SHAKER FRIESSSS!! woo!
then talk nonsense, eg. scandals, gossips..blah blah. heh. both of em were kinda blackmailing each other with their own scandals, so i juz sat back and listened. :) free show.
nothing they can do to me anyway..hahah..i've got no scandals! i'm a very faithful boy. :D
hehehe..yupz..then went home to have my dinner.
sian..tmr still gotta wake up early..gotta be at kallang at 7.30am lo..meeting teammates at 6.30 at clementi..which means i gotta wake up at 5!! omg! .. -.- k..shan't whine..


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