Fysh tails. (pun pun)

Saturday, July 31, 2004

I feel so broken up
And I give up
I just want to tell you so you know

Here I go,
Scream my lungs out and try to get to you
You are my only one

I let go,
There's just no one that gets me like you do
You are my only, my only one

Monday, July 26, 2004

boredom is eating me inside out. :\ *plops head back on chair.*

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Everywhere i go, i keep getting shit frm Christianity. Just yesterday, i got this pamphlet that had these words on the front. "PLEASE DO NOT READ THIS". lol. wassup. christianity going into reverse psycho now? i flipped it open, read it a lil. the gist was like, if u do not do this, this will happen to u, and that people now only use God in swear words. its kinda like, if u do not believe in God, u will go to hell. and the way they put it is really subtle. this is what i interpreted. "Hey (reader)! God is great! God can salvage your soul, IF u believe in Him! but if u dont, its alright! just that u'll go to Hell only. :)" how fucking pseudo. some assclown gave it to me at the Orchard Mrt station. I read it in the Mrt. I swore. I got out at Newton. I threw it away with disgust. Sorry lar but i see no point in joining a religion which coerces other people to join em.
Oh, did I mention I was Anti-Christ? Guess so. -shrugs- 
hurhurs. somehow i realised my blog is more than 1 yer old. keke. how wundarful. i just hope i can keep it going. :)

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Someone please tell me this is not chio.
20 things I like
1. White
2. My Fav music
3. Shellfysh
4. Classy girls
5. Watching cartoons
6. Gaming
7. Hanging out
8. Being Racist
9. Talking Nonsense
10. Doing gym
11. Talking to new people
12. Cursing and swearing
13. Being Anti-Christ
14. Eating really expensive stuffs
15. Star/Moon gazing
16. Bbqs/Chalets
17. Day-dream
18. Taking little walks
19. Coming up with puns, puns, and more puns.
20. Being Myself. :)

20 things i dislike:
1. Malays.
2. Indians.
3. Nigga Musik.
4. Psuedo People.
5. Whiney guys.
6. Wussies.
7. Guai Tais.
8. IMMENSELY quiet people.
9. Cold Weather.
10. Exceedingly Enthusiastic people.
11. Going to school.
12. NKF and all sorta charity shows.
13. Yam
14. Travelling around.
15. Being around people whom I dont even know.
16. Having no monies.
17. Not being able to get what i want.
18. Having committments.
19. Fucked up stuff.
20. asdfasdfasdf

ok. keke. anyways after MT day today i went to watch I,Robot with jamie, daryl, and ass-ther. gotta say that it was a Fantabulous movie la. i'll give it a rating of 8/10. everyone shud go watch it. and i simply cant wait for Aliens Vs Predator to come out. cheesebun that one is a MUST WATCH. anyway i'm bored. :\ JusTea Aloe Vera si nise.

Friday, July 23, 2004

just came back frm buying paper plates and stuff for the Mt day shit tmr. tired. gonna sleep.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

just came on to burn a cd for shahul. so i thought i'd might as well blog a lil since i've kinda disappeared for quite a while. hurhur. anyways i'll not be coming online that often anymore till promoos are over so yeah dont miss me. and yes i am mugging now. hurhur u guys might not believe it, but just wait and see yea? :) oh and darn it i'm in charge of some lantiu booth on saturday's mt day, so drop by and visit alright? it ends at 12.30 pm and i'm so darn free after that. movie, anyone? :)

Saturday, July 17, 2004

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What attracts people to

brought to
you by


fuck lar. i'm at alv's house now cos i didnt fucking bring my damned
key and i cant fucking go home cos my parents went out at the last
minute. they trixxed me. cheesebun.

Friday, July 16, 2004

this is the mp3 playa i'm gonna get. kekeke. nisenise. :)
hmm. kinda not blogged for quite some time. been busy lately, with chaos legion and work. hurhur. sorry guys if i didnt reply ur messages on msn. i just left my comp on, as usual and went to sleep. i'm not ignoring u guys! so relax ok. lololol. just had tuition frm 8-10 oclock. gotta say that although it was kinda boring, i learnt a lot lar. i hope it'll be a stepping stone to rebuilding my motivation to study. :) anyways, gonna sleep now. and i hope i can get my creative muvo slim tmr. =D

Sunday, July 11, 2004

gahahaha. got this off gabriel's bloggah. it si 1x funny lo. read it. kEKEKEKKEEKKE

L0rd of teh Ringz0r
F3ll0wsh1p of teh R1ng

[At Bilbo's 111th Birthday]
Merry: "Omg, I pwn"
Pippin: "Sif, I pwn"
**Rocket goes off
Gandalf: "Pwned!"

Bilbo: "This = shiz, bai foos"
Bilbo has left the server
Frodo: "wtf!?"

[later, in Bag End]
Gandalf: "Give teh ringz0r to Frodo"
Bilbo: "Sif! It r precious!"
Gandalf: "STFU NOOB!!!"
Bilbo: "ok"
Gandalf has logged on as admin
Bilbo has been kicked from The Shire

Gandalf: "Show me teh ring, foo!"
**Gandalf rides out, does some research, comes back
Gandalf: "OMGZ, it R teh ring!"
Frodo: "wtf?"
Gandalf has logged on as admin
Frodo has been kicked from The Shire
Sam has been kicked from The Shire

[At Isengard]
Gandalf: "sup dawg, i r g4nd4lf da gr3y!"
Saruman: "Foo! U R teh noob!"
Gandalf: "wtf?!"
Saruman: "Sauron pwns joo!"
Gandalf: "Sif, I R leet"
**Sarumon beats the sh*t out of Gandalf
Saruman: "Pwned!"

[on the road to Bree]
Merry: "look foos, shrooms!"
Pippin: "Woot! Shrooms!"
Frodo: "Ph34r!"
Sam: "Shrooms!"
Frodo: "PH34R!1!1"
**black rider stops, sniffs, goes past
Frodo: "OMG, packetloss!"

[Bree, in the Inn of the Prancing Pony]
**Frodo is drinking and dancing on a table, then slips
Frodo has left the server
Frodo has connected to the server
Frodo: "OMGz, dc'd"
Aragorn: "OMG, noobz"

[at Weathertop]
Merry: "Mmm, shrooms!"
Frodo: "Foos! Ph34r teh haxorz"

**the black riders attack
Merry: "OMG!!!"
Sam: "O.M.G!!!11"
Pippin: "plz"
Frodo has left the server
**head nazgul stabs Frodo's ghost
Frodo has connected to the server
Frodo: "wtf... hax!"
**Aragorn lraps into the fray with a flaming brand
Aragorn: "PH34r!!!!!!"
Merry: "LOLOL flamed! "

[on the road to Rivendell]
Aragorn: "ZOMG!Arwen!"
**Arwen rides up
Aragorn: "A/S/L? Wanna net secks?"
Arwen: "Sif! wtf is up with Frodo?"
Sam: "teh leet Hax0r "
Arwen: "Firewall?"

**Arwen rides off with Frodo, the nazgul give chase. Arwen crosses the ford at Rivendell.
Arwen: "PH34R!! My dad pwns urs!"
**nazgul start to cross
Arwen: "LOLOLOLO noobs!!1!"
**the ford rises up and washes the nazgul away
Warning: Connection Problems Detected
nazgul has disconnected
nazgul has disconnected
nazgul has disconnected
nazgul has disconnected
nazgul has disconnected
nazgul has disconnected
nazgul has disconnected
Arwen: "Pwnt"

[at the Council of Elrond]
Gimli: "dwarves pwn!"
Legolas: "Sif, Elves pwn!"
Boromir: "OLOLOL noobs, men pwn!"
Elrond: "STFU tards!!1!"
**Frodo puts the ring on the plinth
Gimili: "Sif ring pwns all!"
**Gimli swings his axe at it, which shatters
Elrond: "**sigh, noob"

[Frodo meets up with Bilbo]
Bilbo: "OLOL, me = 10th level thief!"
Frodo: "OMG, u r teh pwn!"
Bilbo: "Do u still have teh ringz0r?"
**Frodo shows ***** the One Ring
Bilbo: "OMG u tard, I want to TK you!"
Frodo: "sif!"
Bilbo: "ph34r my mithril"

[The Fellowship leaves Rivendell]
**Gandalf leads the fellowship through the mountains
Legolas: "ZOMG, leet gfx!"
Gimli: "I R dropping frames! FFS"
**There's an avalanche which threatens to knock them off the shelf
Gimli: "Gandalf, teh draw distance is too far!1!!1"
Gandalf: "**Sigh. Moria?"
Gimli votes to change map to Moria
Votes 4 of 4 required
Legolas: "lolol Gimli, time to upgrade!"

[The fellowship approaches the gates of Moria]
Gandalf: "FFS, its too hard! Anyone got a walkthrough?"
**The gates of Mordor open, but the Guardian attacks!
Frodo: "OMG! ph34r!"
Boromir: "GL HF"
Aragorn [broadsword] guardian
Legolas [arrow] guardian
Gandalf: "gg"

[The fellowship enters the mines of Moria]
Gimli: "OMG!!!! PWNED!"

**After travelling some time in the dark the Fellowship come to a chamber with a large well
Gandalf: "teh bookz0r has some clues!"
**Merry knocks a skeleton in armour down the well
Gandalf: "OMG! noob!"
Merry: "d'oh"
**The fellowship hears the ork drums
Boromir: "wtf?"
Aragorn: "wtf?"
Frodo: "..."
Gandalf: "Oh ffs >.<"
**the fellowhip shores up the doors as the orks come
Boromir: "TEAMS FFS!"
Aragorn [broadsword] ork
Gimli [axe] ork
Legolas [arrow] ork
Aragorn [broadsword] ork
Aragorn [broadsword] ork
Boromir [broadsword] ork
Gimli [axe] ork
Gimli [axe] ork
ork: "OMG! h4x!"
Gimli: "pwned"!
Legolas [arrow] ork
Legolas [arrow] ork
Legolas: "lol!!"
Boromir [broadsword] ork
Gimli [axe] ork
Gimli: "Foos!"
Legolas [arrow] ork
ork: "ffs, wallhax!"
**The cavetroll enters the chambers destroying the doors
Gandalf: "Oh ffs!"
Boromir: "Omg, its teh boss!"
Aragorn: "Sif noob, we're not at teh end yet!"
**Cavetroll slams Boromir and Aragorn out of the way, and then skewers Frodo
Sam: "OMG!"
Gandalf: "OMG!"
Aragorn: "omg, pwn!"
**Legolas jumps on the cavetroll and shoots arrows down into its head
Legolas [arrow] cavetroll
Ork: "OMG! PWNED!"
Gimli: "LOLOOLOL! noobs"
**The fellowship then runs through Moria, chased the whole way by a horde of orks
Boromir: "FFS! Teams, foos!"
**A flaming shadow starts to follow them, and the orks withdraw
Aragorn: "Now THIS is teh boss!"
Gandalf: "OMG!"
**The fellowship take to long flights of stairs that are starting to crumble and fall. Orks shoot at them with arrows.
Legolas: "LOL, noobs. Chex0r this out!1!"
Legolas [arrow] ork
Legolas [arrow] ork
ork: "AIMBOT!"
ork: "turn it off!"
Legolas: "lolol!"
**The fellowship crosses a bridge, Gandalf stops to confront the balrog
Gandalf: "joo shall not pass!"
Balrog: "wtf?"
Balrog: "Sif, noob"
**Gandalf strikes the bridge with his staff, cracking it and causing it to break under the Balrog's weight
Balrog: "ZOMG! PWNED!"
Frodo: "OMG! Gandalf!"
**The Balrog falls and in a last act of defiance strikes out with its whip, entangling Gandalf
Gandalf: "D'oh"
Frodo: "OMG, joo foo!"
Gandalf: "fly u foos, fly!"
**Gandalf lets go and follows the Balrog into the crevass
Gandalf has left the server
Balrog has disconnected

[After escaping Moria the fellowship finds itself in Loth Lorien]
**The fellowship rests, and in the night Frodo speaks with Galadriel
Galadriel: "For a noob, u r teh leet!"
Frodo: "Sif. I don't want teh ringz0r. Do u want teh ringz0r?"
Galadriel: "omgplz! SIF I want teh ringz0r. I have enough h4x of my own!1"

[The fellowship leaves Loth Lorien and sets out via river]
Saurman: "ph34r my army of uruk hai! Go outz0r, find teh hobbitz and pwnz0r them!"
uruk hai: "leet!"

[stopping at the banks of the river, the Fellowship sets up camp]
**Frodo goes off looking for firewood, Boromir follows and confronts him
Boromir: "Gimmie teh ringz0r so ** hax can fight teh boss!"
Frodo: "Sif, foo. Punkbuster will pwn joo!"
Boromir: "Naw, we play on non-pb servers"
Frodo: "STFU noob"
Frodo has left the server
Boromir: "wtf! FRODO! Bring teh ringz0r back, faghat!"

**A group of Uruk Hai encounter Boromir
Boromir: "OH FFS, TEAMS!!"
Uruk Hai [arrow] Boromir
Uruk Hai [arrow] Boromir
Uruk Hai [arrow] Boromir
Uruk Hai [arrow] Boromir
Uruk Hai [arrow] Boromir
Uruk Hai [arrow] Boromir
Uruk Hai [arrow] Boromir
Uruk Hai [arrow] Boromir
Boromir: "f*cking campers"
**Aragorn comes across the battle
Aragorn: "Boromir joo noob! plz!"
Uruk Hai: "Hah, pwn!"
Aragorn [broadsword] Uruk Hai
Aragorn: "I bring joo teh pwn!"
**Aragorn goes to Boromir
Boromir: "Damn lag!"
Warning: Connection problems detected
Boromir has disconnected
Aragorn: "FFS!"

[Frodo returns to the bank of the river where he gets into a boat. Sam 'sees' him]
Sam: "Frodo! plz! Invisibility h4x!"
Frodo has connected to the server
Frodo: "Sam, STFU and FOAD!"
Sam: "Sif!"
Frodo: "Oh, ffs noob!"


Friday, July 09, 2004

gahaha. top in class for gp with 63 marks. wtf. someone tell me wtf is wrong with this world.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

teehee. =)

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

saw this on someone's bloggah.
"like there was this one on what love is, and it says that love stems from a very long friendship, when you know each other so well, you could complete each other's sentence before the other finishes, you know exactly what's going on in each other's minds, and that you've accepted their faults. you don't have doubts of the other person when you're really in love"
how very true. my sentiments exactly.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

hurhur. i juz came back frm having a really nise dinner. went to some thai restaurant at taman jurong. total cost was 202 bux. keke. shark's fin and lobstar was GREAT. HURHUR. one bowl of shark's fin was like 25 bux lar. yum yum. plus the lobstars were fried with butter. whee. nise nise. hehe plus my sis didnt like her share of lobstar. so i took hers. in the end i ended up eating 3 LOBSTARS. HAHAHAHAHA. YUM YUM. PWNS j00. MEIRDAS.
this one also lor.
fux j00. this fone si nise can. =(
Train - Ordinary

Whose eyes am I behind
I don’t recognize anything that I see
Whose skin is this design
I don’t want this to be the way that you see me

I don’t understand anything anymore
In this world that I’m tired of
Is taking me right up these walls
That I climb up
To get to your story
It’s anything but ordinary

And when the world is on its knees with me its fine
And when I come to the rescue I get nothing but left behind
Everybody seems to be getting what they need with mine
‘Cause your what I need so very but im anything but ordinary

Can you save me from this world of mine
Before I get myself arrested with this expectation
You are the one look what you’ve done
What have you done?
This is not some kind of joke
You’re just a kid
You weren’t ready for what you did

And when the world is on its knees with me its fine
And when I come to the rescue I do it for you time after time
Everybody seems to be getting what they need with mine
‘Cause you what I need so very but im anything but ordinary

I think im trying to save the world from you
You’ve been saving me too
We could just stay in and save each other

Im anything but ordinary
Im anything but ordinary

hurhur. this song ROX j00. MSG ME FOR IT. MERIDAS4U. KEKEE

Friday, July 02, 2004

hmm. why do people always feel depressed over emotional matters? in order for a relationship to kinda materialise, its gotta start with 2 people liking each other in the 1st place. but, very often, its only either one sided, there's some other guy/guys, or both sides are confused.
i shall touch on one sided-ness first. One sided-ness happens when A likes B, but B isnt really attracted to A. so therefore its only A feeling for B, but not B feeling for A. Therefore, things get quite difficult for B, who has to put up with all the sickeningly sweet stuffs that A does for her. Not that she doesnt appreciate it, but its awkward. And naturally B would feel guilty, as she's sort of "leading" A on. B could tell A that she doesnt like him, but A would most probably say, "i will wait for u." and stuff like that. personally, i'm not sure if things would work out between A and B. but what i think is, just try to drop subtle hints to put him off, or if things get worse, just tell him its impossible. its hard not to consider his feelings when telling him the truth, but at least u will prevent him from being more depressed in the end. but as for IRRITATINGLY persistant people, just tell them, to Fuck off. =)
Ok next, the problem of the other guy/guys(or girl/girls). Everyone is bound to have people whom they have loved and liked before. Some forget easily, others find it lingering within them all the time. what i think is, if the person u like is constantly thinking abt her old flame, give her some time. approach her in a different manner, try to make her laugh, and play with her. if circumstance is good, have a good talk with her. find out more abt the other guy. BUT DO NOT PROBE. find out what she likes abt the other guy, and that will give u an advantage. share her problems, and share her joy. very soon, if nothing goes wrong, tadaa. =) (ps: Jealously is ABUNDANT in this kinda situation, so one thing to master is to curb ur jealousy NO MATTER WHAT)
Ok last part. the situation where both sides are confused abt each other's feelings. very often, that is just brought abt by insecurity and lack of communication. how do u like someone seriously if u dont even know what he's tryng to say? and miscommunication always ruins things. 2 people cant possibly go out on a date and smile at each other for the whole day. sure. u might like him, u might want to make an impression. but trust me, guys or girls relate better to more active or playful people. so for a start, treat him as a friend. when u find that u can talk to him EVEN WITHOUT THINKING ABT WHAT TO SAY NEXT, then u know u can take the next step. one thing to note, whoever ur partner is, he should not only be ur boy/girlfriend, he should be ur soulmate, ur bestest best friend, and someone whom u have no qualms sharing ur problems with. =)
hurhur. i think maybe next time i can be 1x marriage consultant. KEKEKEKE.
(to anyone who read this: i hope this helped. :) )
lol. no prizes for guessing who this is. =) FUX J00 NOOBS

Thursday, July 01, 2004


unfortunately, those 2 topics made up about 5/8 of the paper. fuck.