Fysh tails. (pun pun)

Monday, March 29, 2004


Sunday, March 28, 2004

lolol gb rox u. here's a l337 pictar. keke.

Saturday, March 27, 2004

hahez. today was a guy's day out. sibei shiok. anyway, i'm off to gb now. before i leave, xb requested that i upload this equally l337 pictar of him. comments, anyone? KEEKLES.

Friday, March 26, 2004

fuck. i've got nothing much to blog about today. except that campfire was alright, the atmosphere was there, but somehow, someone had to come and dulan me. lol. whatever. i'm only giving that a damn cos i hate it when pple give me the cold shoulder out of the blue. that really pissed me off lar. spoilt my fucking day. plus with a headache thruout the whole thing, what could be better. and after that. i met ODAC biatch. and this time, the conversation went like that.
ODAC biatch: Hey fish, made more new friends thruout this campfire?
Me: er..nope..
ODAC biatch: oh okay. i give u an apple. so what do u see?
Me: i think i heard that before. An apple tree i suppose.
ODAC biatch: No no, i see an APPLE GARDEN!
Me: oh okay. well, hey my bus is here. gotta run. cya.


Wednesday, March 24, 2004

hahez. ponned sch today. didnt wanna go for orientation and play games with my og. no, i'm not anti social, but the fact is my og = my 1st 3 months class, and its dead boring. so yeah. to hell with it. if i'm in the same class with them again, i'll juz die on the spot. nonetheless, the stupid og teacher called me tho, and demanded that i give her an mc. wasted 1 hr 30 mins in the polyclinic and $6.10 on the medicine can. life is so darn meaningless nowadays. and with the thought that i might be in a class filled with weirdos, somebody please enlighten me on what the hell i shud do.

Monday, March 15, 2004

hmm, btw i was trying to find the malay translation of the phrase, "I OWN U UPSIDE DOWN". if i'm not wrong, its "aku own yuo tomabaleh." i couldn't find a translation for "own". that explains how refined the malay language is. guess allah must be stupid too. if one day, some virus were to infect all the chickens, ducks, cows, and everything except dogs and pigs, i wonder how those mats will survive. will they discard their religion, and eat pork? or will they juz die in the name of allah. lol. well, they can always turn to vege for a change. or i'd be glad to recommend them Fatty Weng's Delicious Kuay Chap. Try it, cos it OWNS YUO TOMABALEH.
Life's a darn bore now. sian lar. no one's really online nowadays. sigh. now i regret not talking to em more before. oh well. cheryl seems to have disappeared frm this world. i wonder how she is now. guess her mom took her fone away and grounded her. and pinkie's always running around like some busy woman. sian lar. and my games are downloading so fsking slowly. cheesebun. 1k per sec. seriously nothing to do lor. argh.

Sunday, March 14, 2004

hmm, btw, changed the pictar to another sunset which i took yesterday. quite nice. took it at arnd 7pm juz when night's comin. hurhur.
lol. guess what dudes. i duplicated the key. keke. NO MORE TISSUE PAPER TRIX. HAHAHAHA.

Thursday, March 11, 2004

lol oh yeah. did i mention that some stupid guy frm odac talked to me after getting back the AO chinese results? it went like this. I shall call him ODAC biatch.
ODAC biatch: Hey what did u get for ur chinese?
Me: oh i got a c5, how bout u?
ODAC biatch: Oh. i got an A1. *laughs*
Me: oh ok.
ODAC biatch: well dun be depressed, let u tell u something really inspirational.
Me: oh ok.
ODAC biatch: ok, i give u an apple, and can u tell me what u see inside the apple?
Me: erm..seeds?
ODAC biatch: yup, a lot of pple said seeds, but i can tell u my answer.
Me: which is?
ODAC biatch: I see an APPLE TREE within the apple.
Me: *thinks* right. ok.
ODAC biatch: yup so u see, that's the moral of the story. everyone has potential.
Me: yeah whatever.
and he went yakkity yak yak yakkity yak yak all the damned way to the busstop. really lar. i was condemned to listening to his nonsense. sigh..pj. fully fits my description of guai tai sch.
lol. ok. damn i wanna play Q-bert now. never fails to crack me up juz by suiciding the lil fella, or by touching a monster and watch him spout gibberish. HAHAHAHAH. @#%#^
WOO WHEE. I FOUND A WAY TO TRIX THE TRIX GURU. IT INVOLVES STUFFING TISSUE INTO THE HOLE WHICH THE LOCK IS SUPPOSED TO FIT IN. SUCH THAT THE LOCKED EFFECT IS THERE, BUT ALL I HAVE TO DO, IS PUSH HARDER AGAINST THE DOOR, AND VOILA THE DOOR OPENS. HURHUR. IF I PULL THIS OFF, THE STUPID DOOR SHALL HINDER ME NO MORE. WOO HOO. TRIXMASTA ROX YUO AND PWNS j00. ok anyway, today me, ben and jamie went to palms gardens to play bowling. 8 bucks for 2hrs. keke. yeah. not bad lar. i got 125 pinfalls. which is the highest i ever had in my life. so yeah dun laugh. oh btw, we were supposed to play bowling yesterday too, but cheryl had parental probs, and PINKIE conveniently pangsehed us. =P so left ben and jamie, but since the booking of the alley was based on an hourly basis, we din have enough time to get there in time. so decided to chuck the idea. i was kinda irritated cos everyone juz left like that. but woo, it was kinda a blessing in disguise. because today i saw the notice on the board outside the condo admin office. it read " The bowling alley will be closed on 8th and 9th march for reservice and maintenance." keke. so luckily we din go yesterday lar. hurhur.and to pinkie : eh rilak lar im not angry can. i was juz having a headache due to excessive dehydration. :D so cheers. asdfasdfasdf

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

today was a butt lousy day. =\

Monday, March 08, 2004

eh damn it lar. praetorians is a 2002 game can. its an ANTIQUE. nvm, ben can play. hurhur. shall bring it for him tmr.
keke. went for a movie juz now. watched "Honey". hmm, frankly speaking i wasn't really a big fan of hip hop and stuff before, but watching that show seriously made me change my mind. hurhur. sup y'all man in black wannabes. :D i loved that line. hurhur. altho imma trixmasta, trust me, the movie is good and i dun wanna trix u of ur monies. esp, those dance moves. woo wee. whiskey tango foxtrot. so catch it if u've got the time. =) eh..so glad xb and cheryl could join us. hmm, come to think of it. cheryl is a PSEUDO BRUDDER NOW. KEEKLES. WELCOME TO DA CLUB. HAHAHA. sian lar. no one to play gb with now. i shall go try out Praetorians. Looks kinda l337. keke.

Saturday, March 06, 2004

sian. life is so darn boring now. =\

Friday, March 05, 2004

gold heart
Heart of Gold

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keke. heart of gold. lol. =D

Thursday, March 04, 2004

hurhur. many pple asked me who that girl was. well, all i've gotta say is, U'VE BEEN TRIXXED. TRIXXED BY DA TRIXMASTA. :D HURHURHUR. yar lar. there's no other girl in my life now anyhow. all my time is like spent on gb and stuff. how to buaya. not like someone lar. hmm, how bout B _ N ? fill in the blank with a suitable vowel. =) eh yeah today was a great day. nice of cheryl to tag along even tho she didn't know most of the pple, actually she knew only me in fact. lol. oh well. but i thot she was really outgoing and sporty to hang out with a group she doesn't know. mm. nice nice. hurhur before that. i was actually up to some trix. we were standing at the 2nd floor of taka, overlooking the baby fair. xb and jamie were supposed to meet us, so i called them up, and told em that we were in the baby fair and that they shud come and look for us there. HAHAHA. then frm the 2nd floor we could see jamie walking into the baby fair, surrounded by pacifiers, diapers, and baby toys. LOL. DAMN KEEKLISH. xb nearly got trixxed lar. stupid ben had to show his big balloony head. hurhur. anyway, after that we had lunch at bk at cine, then walked arnd aimlessly for a while. xb and ben juz had to give me stupid faces now and then lar. like seriously, there's nothing going on dey. doh. ya then i went home while cheryl, ben and jamie went back to sch for trng. haha. oh well. quite a fun day. i thot it was quite nice to be able to meet up with xb and shanna again. and btw, shanna looks weird in a skirt. KEEKLES. :P

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

ahah. the bored dude has come to blog again. alv's away at trng, xb's bathing. no gb kakis. :( hmm. lets see. did nothing much today except go lot 1. turns out that NO ONE msged me. oh well. at least there's sch tmr. but no one will be going anyway. :\ hmm. so many people i know are going away. some going to other jcs, others going to poly. i'll miss em. but on the other hand, i hope the 2nd batch will be better. tho its always not the case. but i can always hope for the better. =) i was thinking this afternoon when i came home, in my quiet room, whether have i come to like this certain girl, or is she just something which i use to fill the void in my heart, or rather a substitute. i've always been serious with this kinda r/ship stuff, and i'm strongly against playing with people's feelings. hurhur. unlike some people i know. whose name COULD start with B and end with N. lol. and i dun walk around looking at girls like most guys do anyhow. but i'm not a fsking gay or something. doh. its just me i guess, and i believe that u don't have to look around to find that special someone, u'll find each other. haha..to most people i know, gb might be the most impt thing in my life now. lol. that's true. but the fact is i've got nothing better to do anyway. but i'd rather go out and socialise then stay at home the whole day (eg. today). bah. nvm. Gb time. =) btw, i'm not gonna say who's the girl. so dun ask. =P

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

sian. boring day. went to swim and bowl at ben's condo. met alv at lot 1 to have lunch. went home and gb-ed all the way. sian leh. tmr also another same day. argh. eh. anyone who wanna go out or juz need company, drop me an sms. i'm so fsking bored. =\ k lar. sounds like i'm prostituting myself. whatever.