Fysh tails. (pun pun)

Saturday, April 30, 2005

joyce :anyway
joyce :FYSH!!!!!!!!!1
joyce :SAVE ME!
joyce :theres a loser that keeps talking to me
joyce :ARGH
me :?
me :who's he
me :HAHA
joyce :and he outrightly says he wants to woo me
joyce :and i outrightly told him to bugger off

in case u're wondering, here's the picture. if u think he's really suave and all. feel free to tell me. i'll hook you up.

For FREE of course. (:


my day started at 12.30pm.
lol yes u school kiddos must be swearing, but oh well school would be starting for me in less than a month's time.
went down to TP today to submit my giro application form, which they rejected because my dad used his short signature instead of his long one.
total journey took like 1 hr 40 mins just to get to tp from my house.
teehee. i think i shall take mrt next time.
after submitting that form, went to tampines interchange to have my lunch ALONE at some foodcourt at the interchange.
ate chicken rice.
then went down to orchard to meet crystal cos apparently she zhaoed her school's sports day and i'm the so-called "24hrs available" kinda guy. (sidenote: those people who wanna go out, dont ask me when i'm free, instead tell me when YOU are free.)
waltzed around orchard doing window shopping and stuff. (mostly hers of course. lol.)
had dinner at centre point. OMFG the SUPER SPICY RAMEN AT RAMEN TEN OWNS U BIG TIME.
its so damned spicy. lol. and thus it really lives up to its name lah ok.
but then again really spicy stuff makes u feel really shiok.
went to church with her after eating. and before u say "OMG FYSH GOES CHURCH?"
i can tell u that i meant it in a literal way.
which means i just stepped into her church. period.
didnt attend the bible study which she was supposed to attend.
haha if she went inside the auditorium, i guess i would've just rotted outside.
was talking to her about God-ly stuff.
blah blah blah blah.
Got(God) it?
ok. (:
went over to her house to eat grapes and watch tv after that.
went home, played WoW till now.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


world of warcraft is like only 30 bux a month lah.
no cds?
i lend u loh.
Woke up today at 11am.
Walked into my living room.
And the first thing i saw was

it was the most disturbing sight ever.
especially since it was the first thing i saw in the morning.
apparently it jumped outta my fish tank and landed on the floor.
how the blood came about i dont know.
perhaps just like those people who commit suicide,
it suffered from the rupturing of internal organs.

hmm that fish has been in that tank for 2 years lah.
ok so now lets observe one second of silence for that fish.

ogay. so today i went to meet crystal at jurong east.
had lunch at long john's. and i just realised i crave tartar sauce alot. yum.
tricked her that the clam chowder was yoghurt and she fell for it.
and at redhill mrt station, she told me that dalmations are dogs which are injected with cow genes.
so i said "wow really ah i didnt know that"
and she said "trix4u noob shit"

walked to delta sports complex to watch ben play his final match of the yr cos his parents were being the usual insensitive assclowns.
Pjc against TPjc.
and im glad to say it was a mighty good match.
Final Score : 2-0
and what's the best thing?
Ben scored both. lol.
and he was complaining to me on the mrt about how happy he was, but not being able to blog about it.
so here it is

lol and crystal is crazy. she does the craziest things.
-throwing shoebags at birds
-telling me pigeons are really cute, and then start to giggle at them.
-saying my skin was really gross (cos it was peeling) and then proceeding to scratch them with her long nails. (which made it worse)


if there's one word to describe her
i'd say

yeah then went to cut my hair before going home.
no more stupid Ronald McDonald's hairstyle for me.
or at least thats what xb said.
Fuck u xb.
lol kthnxbye

Friday, April 22, 2005

and this is from digging up old screenshots. lol 2 knights. hurhur.
l337 land thanks to our bigfoots.
wtf its 6.30pm now and i've just played 4 HOURS of Gb with Xb.

yes, Gb With Xb.


anyway for those people who play gb, here's a Bigfoot pun. (the blue machine that destroys lotsa land.)

"Dont fall into their trap"

playing gb on a really relax scale really cracks me up. mwhaha.
so much so that my mum actually shouted from the kitchen
"boy ah are u alright?"
i said "yeah" and continued laughing.
then she came in and said
"ehh if got anything wrong must tell me ok?"
then i told her
"there's something wrong. not me. but them. cos they're being pwned."
then i laughed hysterically again.
if xb reads this, i bet he'll be laughing too.

anyway here's a screenshot. (:

Monday, April 18, 2005



A NEW VIDEO CARD (NVIDIA 6600 256MB) : $277



Thursday, April 14, 2005


Click here ((:

and then check out the stupid scoreboard.

which is here.
Woke up at eleven today. Ate bread.

Felt bored. SO i went to Gb with myself.
As usual, i just open a room myself and wait for another person to come in.
1v1s are always oh so fun.

anyhow, i played 47 rounds of 1v1s. which took me like 2hrs25mins.
of which,
i lost 1.
and won 46.

how'd i lose the 1? i got a stupid turtle. growl2turtles.

lol and when i play i dont talk at all, i just own them.
so after winning every round, i took note of what those noobs said.
here are some quotes.

"fuk u."
"wtf u aimbotter"
"de donde eres"
"chao cheebye fuck u lah"

and the usual "meirdas".

well as u can see, i'm owning everyone from around the world, right in my chair. how nice. (:

and since im so free, anyone wants gunbound tutorials?
Lessons included: how to use each and every mobile (except turtle)
how to do l337 shots.
how to do ultra high angle shots. (which is really easy in wind 0)
how to own each and every single noob.
how to ride hurricanes.

2 yrs' experience in owning noobs.
u name it, i've got it.
dont believe me?
i'm always open to a challenge.
just leave ur nick and tell me what time u wanna play. (:

Gg n00bs.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

hmm ok i shall now sit down, and type a proper blog entry. (:

well, ok my day started at 9am.
went to a friend's condo to play tennis. played till like 10.30, then hurried home to change, and then rushed down to causeway point. msged G to tell her i'd be late. and the reply i received was that she'd be EVEN LATER. never trust girls to be on time. lol. met X at causeway point first nonetheless, drank iced peach tea at the foodcourt, then went to meet up with the late girl. went to cold storage to buy sweets, and then headed to Si Ling Pri Sch.

had lunch at the canteen, which was quite decent.(empty plate=decent food for me)

ok and then it was "fun" time.
well basically we're(me, g, x and some other guy called Mr. Lu) supposed to teach pri 2/3 kids basic gym stuff.
location is in some double decker bus which has been transformed into a miniature gym. think padded flooring, exercise mats, parallel bars, those rings from which u hang from, etc. i think its really cool. tho i cant play in it cos its only meant for lil kids.
oh and its called, "BOBBIE THE GYMBUS"
haha ok as i was saying, we had a couple of classes coming in after lunchtime, and today's programme consisted of aerial straddling + parallel bars.

aerial straddling : ok i know this sounds obscene, but i cant come up with any other names to properly describe it. so yeah. basically the kids hang on the monkey bar, and then lift their whole legs up such that their upper torso is almost perpendicular to their outstretched legs. think star jumps. of course, to ask for 90 deg from kids is a lil too far fetched, so just 140 deg or so was enough. and they've gotta maintain that position for 5 counts, before coming down.

parallel bars : dont worry those kids arent doing l337 swings to and fro or somersaulting up, and then grabbing the bars on the way down to prepare for another swing. all they are doing, is just place their palms on the bars, and push themselves up such that their feet do not touch the ground, and maintain that position for 10 or 20 counts(depending on how (X)ialan X was. lol kidding.) afterall the more they do, the more they train up. nothing to lose anyway.

haha its been quite long since i've been in a pri sch. i look at their innocent faces filled with pure, undiluted joy and i think to myself, "how long has it been since i've felt just like them?" i cant even remember if i had as much fun as them when i was as young as them. when i see them smiling, laughing, poking fun at one another, i cant help but feel warm deep down inside. its this almost symbiotic relationship that establishes itself such that when the children are happy, im happy too. i might not know their names, even tho they know mine. haha thanks to X whose tongue slipped several times. example? "hey fyshh take care of this kid. -pause- oh sorry i meant Mr Teh." and being the creative and imaginative beings u people call KIDS, they now know me by "sa-teh(satay), tehtarik, and even tehteh(which they used in the context of a pseudo swear word. "YOU STUPID TEHTEH"." well of course i didnt scold them, i was busy laughing with em.

Really amazing how they can draw strength from the littlest things. I see them hanging on the parallel bars, with their faces cringed up in complete agony and complete with grinding teeth. then slowly, they open their eyes and looked at me. i smiled at them, and urged them with silent words to hang on and peservere. and guess what? they'd be able to withstand the "pain" for 5 more seconds or so. Intriguing. (:
which brings me to the point that I've just about forgotten how its like to be a kid.

haha anyone who knows me, would probably presume that i'd be the type who goes around with a gun blowing every single kids' head off. well u're all wrong. im by nature a kid-lover, always has been, always will be.
even if the kid is really rowdy and naughty, i believe as long as u respect him, he'll return the respect too. it works both ways. and by respecting i do not mean being nice to him, or the other extreme. what i mean would be more towards the "firm but flexible" side. utmost satisfaction comes from "taming" one of those really rowdy kinda kids.
haha ok wtf i am talking about how to bring up kids.

really wonderful experience working with kids.
sometimes i feel i should just chuck the deep, complicated self within me and just adopt the kiddy mentality.
lol. but who am i kidding?

Yes, Pun Intended. (:

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

loll. been quite long since i blogged. here's a rough run down from saturday onwards.

went to the padang to watch the SRC 4-a-side tournament. pretty interesting, thats all i can say. ok im lazy. i shant comment on this.

went to east coast park to kayak as usual. this time with 3 new people. the weather was really good and all.

and i've decided that this post shall have an abrupt end. no point blogging if im too lazy to elaborate. lol. shall go apply some "Vaseline : Aloe & Naturals lotion" on my sunburnt skin now. hurts like as if somebody is rubbing sandpaper all over me.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

haha. ok more bout my l337 dad.

he came in just now as i was playing some games.
and he said "wow i didnt know i had that good english." then he smiled and handed me some slip of paper.

i looked at it, and it read:

Dear Miss Chung,
Kindly excuse my son, Teh Jin Yu, of 04S21 from school today as he is having quite a bad headache. He has been sleeping late recently trying to finish up his work, thus resulting in his headache. I have let him rest at home and hopefully he gets better tomorrow, otherwise i'll take him to see the doctor.Thank you for your kind understanding and sorry for any inconvenience caused.
Yours Sincerely,
Teh Choon Song

haha wtf. apparently i was the one who composed that letter to zhao sch lah. but for some reason i didnt use it. forgot why. and i guess he chanced upon it just now as he was looking for correction tape.
lololol le pwned.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

i've got $2.15 in my bank account now, so i was asking my dad to give me more money. he asked me why, so i told him that chak moe hasnt given me my pay yet. (which by now shud be $1000 odd) so my dad said "give me his number and office address."
i asked him why, and he said "im gonna call ah longs to beat him up." and i said "wtf for?" he shrugged and said "that arsehole actually dares to owe my son money. kanina. i wanna wack him also. quick lah i want his address." i just stared and said "what the hell."

then he did a double take, and said "oh cannot. he's ur girlfriend's father right."
to which i said "not my girlfriend, but my friend's father lah"
he looked at me and said "but ur friend's a girl right? therefore she's ur girlfriend lah. so serious for what. alvyn's ur boyfriend also wad."
"okay, wtf." says me.
i am so totally bored. somehow or rather, in those rare moments of my life, i crave human contact rather than that of my computer. with alv going to NS, i have no idea whatsoever about what im gonna do when i zhao work, or what im gonna do at night. no one else to gb with me. growl. my nights are gonna be kinda empty because of lack of gb. its become a routine every night. im gonna miss it. i wish school would start soon. but i've still got more than a month to go before even the orientation starts.

1 month to do shit.

all my games are boring after i complete them. well here's a list since im so bored.
1. Vampire the Masquerade : Bloodlines
2. The Complete Elder Scrolls III
3. The House of the Dead 3
4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : Mutant Melee
5. Nanosaur 2 : The Hatchling
6. Counter-strike : Source
7. Forgotten Realms : Demon Stone
8. The Punisher
9. RoseOnline
12.Need For Speed : Underground 2
13.Lord Of The Rings : Battle For Middle Earth

yes and i've completed most of them. save some, which i didnt wanna play cos it was too laggy.

ok fuck im bored.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

hmm. i've also realised i havent been blogging lately too. so here's the scoop.

went to the red rain concert with alv, ben, G, crys and some others.
they(the band) were really good. atmosphere was there too. though im not the kind who would "headbang" or jump like crazy, i enjoyed myself nonetheless. such a pity G had to go straight home after that. hmm anyhow, we went to PS burger king to relax and eat. went home after that. haha yep friday4u.

first half of the day i need not mention because u can read the other previous "saturday" posts. i do the same thing every sat morning. met ben and crys in the afternoon and then we went down to east coast park to meet up with G and X for kayaking, as usual. haha. yes and for details on kayaking u can always read G's blog, she's the one causing all the mayhem. lol. went to some hawker centre after that to eat. had bbq stingray, satay and cockles. good shit. then went to have some "uber big" ice kachang at ang mo kio according to crys. ben left early, so that left only me and her. reached the place, and they didnt sell it. settled on mango ice kachang, and some sea coconut thingy. chilled for a while. then went home. saturday4u.

woke up. ate breakfast. went to town to meet crys cos she had to pass me the cocoje, of which we were giving alv for his bdae as his "unofficial" present. lol. went to swenson's after that with her and xb to have ice cream. earthquake owns u. walked crys to church, and accompanied her there till her parents came outta the red rain concert. xb was complaining all the way about how bored he was. went off with him later, back to ps to makan long john. after which he had to go to work, so i walked him to his busstop, before heading down to outram park to meet up with ben, who just finished his jamming session. went home with him after that. sunday4u.

woke up. msged chak moe my usual "i'm sick" msg. then went back to sleep again. ben called and said he wanted to zhao sch, i had to impersonate his dad again. after which he went to the poly clinic, and then i went to meet him at the kopitiam near my place cos his mum was at lot one. had lunch, then he came over to my place. fiddled with his ipod, and played a coupla games. then alv told us to go lot one to meet crys. so we went. just to help her carry stuff. then they all came over for awhile while waiting for the other people to arrive. went down to alv's house soon after to chill. made choc fondue with crys, and at the same time, koped the recipe. alv ordered 2 pizzas from Canadian 241 Pizza. and he ordered 2 hawaiians. so we ended up with 4 hawaiian pizzas thanks to him. watched the doll maker which was some horror flick, then went to his room to play daidee and just talk. all of em left at arnd 11.30+, sent them to the busstop and went home. gbed. slept.

woke up. felt lethargic. took a cab from paya lebar mrt station to my workplace. slept thru the first half of my day. only funny thing that happened was that i was dozing off, and suddenly one of my LOUD metal songs started blasting thru my earplugs. i immediately jolted up and said to myself "what the fuck thats one l337 song". proceeded to stretch myself and as i turned back, i saw chak moe at his desk behind me already. wtf i didnt even hear him come into the office. that was how l337 my earplugs were. anyhow, crys called and said she forgot to bring her keys at arnd 2.50pm and said she had nothing to do because her family would only be home earliest 7+pm. so me being nice, told chak moe some excuse which u guys wouldnt wanna hear, and left the office to meet her. took a cab down to PS, otherwise i'd take eternity to reach there.taxi drivers must love me today. had waffle+ice cream at Gelare cos its a tuesday. realised we still had lotsa time to burn, so went to catch a movie. Spongebob Squarepants. Beat that. ended at arnd 7pm. sent her home. then called alv to tell him i'd be joining him for dinner at PS with his cell leader. reached dhoby gaut, called him again, and he said something bout his cell leader only wanting to dine with him ALONE cos they wanted to talk about some stuff. felt irritated cos i made a wasted trip. anyhow, went to take 190 home, bought prawn noodles, and came home.

amazing five days huh. pardon my abrupt tone for this post. feeling quite tired from all the travelling here and there today.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

le boredom.
had quite a bad start today.
reached paya lebar mrt and realised it was raining.
really heavily.
went to buy my big breakfast meal as usual.
and had to take a cab down to the office.

anyway, gonna go kayaking later.
l337 weather owns u.

Friday, April 01, 2005

ok im gonna complain AGAIN about this Oh-So-Wonderful job of mine.
for today, I've done....


yesterday, I've done....


as for the day before, I've done....


and as for the day before the day before, I've done....

Oh i didnt go.

ogay so now u have it. what a good life im leaing eh?

basically im just back to the basics.
doing nothing, playing solitaire, and just stoning.
not to mention going into the occasional standby mode (aka sleep)
this might sound suprising.

oh but chak moe did give me something to do tho.
he asked me to call other laminate flooring companies up, act as a potential customer, and enquire about their prices.
cos he wanna do something called the "Price Survey".
as much as i HATE calling people up, i did.
so some companies said they'd get back to me tmr.

well, the next day came.
and chak moe asked me if the companies replied.
i checked my email. and said "no they didnt"
so he said "ok. i want u to do a follow up. call them again."
once he said those words, the sound of his voice travelled at 330m/s, entered my ears, vibrated my eardrums, got processed by my brain, and at that instant i really wanted to shout "WHAT THE FUCK."
well basically, im the so called "customer", its the companies who should be calling me, not me call them up as some shitty follow up. and now i've got 7 different companies smsing/calling/leaving voicemail on my god damned hp. what the fuck did i do to deserve this. :@

on a lighter note. im gonna tell him that this is my last wk of work. good riddance to him. perhaps as a last act of blatant defiance, i shall zhao work at 4. hoho. im so l337. this leaves me with (as of now, time's 1.43pm) 2 hrs and 17 mins more to go. growllllllllllllllllllll