Fysh tails. (pun pun)

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

...wah lao..i damn long nv blog..cos busy during these few days. knn. spent my time selling drinks to mat kids. The whole "diva la futbol" was like some underground mat n butch meeting ground l0hz..dammit man..talking abt bucthes, i juz feel like slapping em l0r. bu4 nan2 bu4 nu3. what the hell. dun even know if they're guy or girl. screw em la. so ugly. posers. i think matS are still better poSers lor..even tho they both sark. but nvm la. got 84 hrs of cip juz by selling drinks at 1 dollar per can. h0h seh lar dun hafta do anymore shitty cip.

hAhEz..today r0x lor. timetable changed like no one's business. got new maths n physics teacher. hurhur. physics teacher looks damn tan lor. then durin lecture always flex her arm, like some bodybuilder liddat. damn scary siaz. even tho she's those kind of pple whom even xu en can whack. lol. got even more hoh seh stuff l0rz. our maths teacher got moustache one man! so HIP SIA. SO MAcHO. makes me swoon. hAhAre. her voice also damn manly..like those hIpStEr mAt RAppEr liDdAt. cannot make it.

yA..then after sch..went delifrance..wanted to go GelArE..kaoz..go there that time, then realise no more ice cream. really l0r. who wants to eat cream..looks like shit l0r. i wont pay 5 bucks for juz maple syrup and lousy whipped cream slapped on some lousy "AUTHENTIC BELGIUM WAFFLE". rEAllY lor..more liKe BouGht frm Cold Storage one...butthen made in BelGium. STill The sAme what. tRiCkstErS sia..must be some underground mat org. raising funds for the war effort. wah not bad..at last some not bad idea. but they're still stupid la..remove ice cream for what..ya anyway, went to delifrance to eat kentang. wah lao..seriously sucks bad lorz..at first still quite okay..then later wanna puke. yucks lar..left half the potato there.

hAh...then later went home..saw some mat skAtErzZ at the void deck tryin to SkAte ArnD..wah DAmn pRo..likE Tony hAwk'S tWin liDdat. cAn Do bAckFlipS And StuFf..So HIP SIA..h0h SeH La..i Think tmr i go join em..oh ya..but i dun have c00l skates..how? nvm l0r. go steal tmr.

juZ hAd mY DinnEr. GonnA SlAck mY niGhT AwAy. liFe R0X. HoH SEh lArZ.


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