Fysh tails. (pun pun)

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Okay..yesterday was my first attempt at trying to write a racist blog which was compatible with jj's. haha..so far i've received negative comments..so ya..i'll stop. or at least try my best la..hehe. today was quite a short day..cos of ccas..yupz..so i'll elaborate on different periods of the day.

first period was chinese..generally okay la..new teacher and all, but she's quite nice. she juz came back frm maternity leave..so i guess she must be feelin kinda motherly now..yupz, maybe that's why she's so nice. anyway, she made us practise for mungen oral..read passages, blah blah n stuff..quite sianz..

then later on to chem lect..got back our papers..i got lousy marks. dammit l0r..but kinda expected it anyway..can't really get good marks if u dun study rite? so ya..can't blame anyone but myself. sat there n sulked. hehe. :P angela did quite well tho..really envious. :) ya..then i felt damn sleepy..so after that i went to the classroom to take a nap..ZzzZ.

after that was Gp. the new teacher was Steph Chua. she made us do some lousy mind mapping shit..on which i wrote lotsa racist crap..

ya..then had chem tutorial. then went for trng..

aiyar..dun feel like bloggin today..sianz. damn tired. juz came back frm trng.
eh want funny laughs? go to this blog. mamast0re.blogspot.com .. bet u'll laugh ur balls off..even if u don't have any. h0h seh la. my life r0x0rz. Does yours?


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