Fysh tails. (pun pun)

Wednesday, June 28, 2006





anyhow, for those who dont know what stomach ulcer is, its caused by a bacteria which apparently -internet fucked up on me so pardon me if i'm making shit up cos im recalling from memory- destroys the mucus lining along your stomach walls.

the mucus lining supposedly protects the stomach from the digestive juices which serve to break food down. without it, the gastric juices come into contact with the stomach walls and cause pain/discomfort.

If u dont know what i'm talking about, just try not eating for 8 hours and u get this really gnawing feeling in ur stomach quite akin to the feeling of "FUCKING HUNGRY".

the amount of gastric juices secreted by your stomach significantly increase whenever its near your mealtime, but that doesnt mean that its not present in my stomach in small quantities all the time.

and as long as there's that fucking bacteria fucking me up, i'll always be "HUNGRY" and that fucking sucks.

eating solves it though, because it gives the digestive juices something to break down instead.
but only for awhile before it starts hurting again.

btw the bacteria can be spread through eating contaminated food or from human to human.

im betting 100 bucks it was those prawns from the fucking tomyam soup. chao turban.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Going back to school after 3 weeks of holidays really sucks mang.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Its true that when you love someone, it comes bundled with the fear of losing him one day.

But without the fear, how would we ever learn to cherish our loved ones with every day that passes?

There's no one, absolutely no one, who is never ever gonna get hurt in his/her entire lifetime.

True, we come out stronger, and we come out wiser.
But afterall, we are only human.

Just as you said, God might want us to experience all the emotions on his checklist.
But can one ever define emotion?
Can one ever draw up a definite checklist for all the emotions in this world?
In one emotion, there can be another hundred emotions that are within it.

If there was a definite checklist consisting of just "anger, sorrow and jubilance", we'd all be up there with Him.
While that might be good to some people, I highly doubt that He just wants us to just experience these minute feelings, when there's an infinite amount of them in the world out there.

"Though every single living and breathing cell within me was sucked out at the end, the love remains. But I still can't help but wonder, why?"

My dear, by labelling those emotions as 'love', you have just answered your own 'why?'.

I have no idea who you're referring to, and I can only make wild guesses.
But regardless of whether its your ex-boyfriend, your relatives, your friends
Know that I have utmost respect for people like you.

I'm a person who was sentimental, like you.
But I've since become someone who can forget certain feelings if I deem them unfit/unworthy.

Maybe its just me, but I think its an intrinsic characteristic of you to long for/miss/think of someone who is either still present, or has left you.

And that's a good thing, because when I'm 80 years old and on my deathbed (pretend I'm your grandfather), I'll leave this world a happy man because I know that I'll be missed, if not by everyone, but at least by a girl who cries herself to sleep everynight because she longs for someone, so much.

"As we speed along this endless road to the destination called 'who we hope to be', I can't help but whine, 'Are we there yet?"

I believe that once we reach this final destination, its over.
I don't believe in a final destination.

For every step that I take along this road, I want Mr. Final Destination to take half a step back away from me.

I'll be running alongside you, holding your hand.
Should you ever falter, I'll be your support.
Should you ever fall, I'll be carrying you.

And if ever there should be a day when everything has to come to an end,
I want us to be at 99.99% of our journey.

Because even when an end is inevitable,
There shall be no end for us.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Just finished watching "What Women Want" on Channel 5.

Although im not so much of a romance flick fan,
that was still one helluva good show.

If only i knew what women want..

If you’ve played Battlefield 1942 and you think that Battlefield 2 is another sequel in which some improvements were thrown in just for the sake of making a sequel, then you’re so wrong.

Electronic Arts and Digital Illusions have put together a military action game, which stomps out all competition from similar games in its genre. Unmatched game play, unlimited replayability, cutting-edge visuals and surreal audio is what makes Battlefield 2 a testament to how great PC gaming can be.

Contrary to its name, Battlefield 2 is actually the third game in its series and its producers made sure that it followed the gameplay style of its predecessors’. Depending on how many people are playing at once, the game will scale its map size to accommodate a suitable number of players. However, it allows for a maximum of 32 players on each side to battle it out on land, sea and air.

The difference this time round, is that you will be equipped with modern weapons and equipment, as Battlefield 2 is based on a near-future conflict between the United States, China and the Middle Eastern Coalition.

You are a soldier in a battlefield, and of course not just any soldier running around with guns ablazing. There are several classes available, such as the medic, the sniper, the engineer, the anti-tank and many more. Each of these classes have their own specific gameplay style, such as medics are usually running around dropping med kits for wounded soldier, engineers blow up bridges and lay mines to hinder enemy movement, and anti-tanks are equipped with ______(dunno what lancheow) to take out enemy tanks from afar.

If constantly running around on the ground isn’t your thing, then you can always take to the skies and try your hand at being a pilot of the (name of lancheow airprane) or the (name of lancheow helicopter). Expert pilots are the key to winning battles because they provide air cover and wreck havoc upon tanks and solitary targets.
Battlefield 2 features a large landscape which allows players to move freely, thus vehicles are an essential asset in the game. Tanks, Hum Vees, Anti-Air vehicles, and Armored Personal(Personnel?) Carriers are just some of the vehicles in the game which add a whole new dimension to it.

Of course, having 64 people running around the map just killing anyone they see doesn’t make any sense. That is why Battlefield 2 allows players to form squads of (forgot how many lancheow people in one squad), so that commands such as attack or defend can be belted out to the players instead of having them just running around like blind men. In addition, one player from each side can have the honor of being the Commander for their side. The Commander has an overall view of the battlefield and can call in supply drops or artillery strikes on any part of it.

The game starts with a number of tickets for each side, for example, 150. Each time a player dies, a ticket is deducted. Further tickets can be reduced depending on how many flags the opposing army has under their control. The fewer flags or points captured that the opposing army has under their control, the faster the rate of their ticket deduction. Once their number of tickets reach 0, they lose.

Also, for kan mature players, (like polarbearz) Electronic Arts also implemented the Voice-Chat system in the game, allowing players to speak to/swear at each other real-time if they have a mic.

Players who participate in battles do not go unrecognized because there is a ranking system which calculates the points they accumulate by killing other players and capturing flags. Accumulate enough points, and you rise up in rank from a lancheowy private. Accompanying those ranks, are new and better weapons which you can choose to unlock.

Another feature of the game is that it actually tracks your gameplay real-time. Players who play Battlefield 2 can head over to Www.Bf2s.com to check their statistics which include number of kills/deaths, accuracy, weapon of choice and of course not to mention the many badges and ribbons which one can accumulate through performing certain feats. For example, killing 10 people with the Sniper Rifle in one round earns you the Basic Sniper badge.

The Good: Outstanding graphics, realistic sound effects, online gameplay available, squad and commander system, Good replayability value

The Bad: Fucking long load times, Requires uber l337 comp to be able to view the high-end graphics, some occasional gh3ys who like to spoil shit by teamkilling everyone

All in all, words don’t mean shit so just fucking head over to your nearest computer store, grab the game off the shelf, whip out 60 bucks from ur wallet, go home, install and get ready to experience a game that just has to be played to be believed. KTHNXFUCKINGBEY IM FUCKING HUNGRY NOW.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006



As i was telling G, i was "considering" setting up a restaurant. so naturally i'd have to think up names for the restaurant and the dishes themselves.
anyone has any ideas?
here're a couple myself.

1.keekleclams/cockles/mussels fried with sambal/black pepper
2.fried oyster omelette with HAO ZHI ALL OWER. mm. bittersweet.
3.corny corn with mexican jumping beans.
4.stonefysh with deep fried sea anemone.
5.chicken nudgegets
6.trixxy drumstixs (dedicated to alvyn)
7.drink of the day- Naohiah Juice
(above 3 were contributed by G. Gee, Thanks G. HAHAA)

damn i cant think of anymore. its too trixxy.
anyhow, i thought of the restaurant name and the specialty dish.

Specialty dish is


and guess what.

Restaurant's name is

"Fyshy Business: Use Wulgarities at your own discretion"

why? u might ask. read on to find out!

Gee came up with an interesting way for customers to order!
here're the new dishes
Chilled Burps
On Mean Fisherman's Goatee
Fysh Under Corny Keekles
Where's The Fysh?
dont get the link?

customers can now order by short form!
"can i have a cb?"
"omfg pls."
"give me a fuck."

so lets say a customer walks in
Alv for instance.
Waiter: "hi may i have your order?" -shows alv the menu-
Alv: -looks at uber l337 menu- "OMFG?"
Waiter: ok that will be one. anything else?
Alv: Cheebye lah fuck loh.
Waiter: oh okay 3 items now. nothing else right?
Alv: WTF?
Waiter: Relaxing sir. ur fysh is coming soon.

ahahha trix4u alv. kidding nia lah ok.
Upon reading ah lian's blog, i saw the various shoutouts she made.

All of them were in engrish except for the last one, which was in french.

I knew it was french since i'm "taking" french right now.

But then again, my standard of french is like a malay's standard in everything.

So I didn't know what it meant.


I copied that phrase into the translation box and set the option to translate from French to Engrish.

From "Ma Petit Ami:Tu me manques"
It became "My Small Ami:Tu me lacks"

k lah my french si teh sucky. lol.
then i removed the ":" and translated again.
and i got the proper meaning.

They say French is the language of love.

Here's my reply:

Mon Amie, Je t'aime :)
Happy 3rd Birthday to you, Chr0.blogspot.com! :)

Thanks for letting me record all my memories through you, I do go through them again from time to time.

It also puts a smile on my face to see how I've "evolved" since 3 yrs ago.

Well if anyone of you wants an example, here's how i sounded like on July 25, 2003

"oh yea..and juz b4 i turn in, i juz wanna announce that Alvyn Cheong Wei Hao is afraid of MICE. HWHAHAHAH. :D cos my dad saw him run away at the sight of a teeny weeny lil rodent~ lolololol. gotcha there alv~ tEEheE. :P"

note the "..." and "~" and alt caps and ":P"
all of which i dont use now. lol.

ah well. :)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

this is to a girl who got into my head
with all the pretty things she did
you know
you keep me up in bed
this is to a girl who got into my head
with all the fucked up things i did
maybe baby
you could keep me up in bed
my Konstantine
spin around me like a dream we played out on this movie screen
and i said
did you know i missed you?
oh god i miss you

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Ok i have to add this too.

Today just before i left the house, i found an ang pow on the desk in my room.
Wondering why there was an ang pow at this time of the year, i opened it.

and ZOMG there was 5 bucks.
i was wondering why the fuck was there an ang pow with 5 bucks on my desk.
But then i thought, "what the heck, got monies just take lorh. KEKE"
so i took the money out of the ang pow, put it into my wallet and left the house.

3 hours later i received an sms from my sis

"Gor gor. save $5 for tml fathers day. Today e money inside e ang bao is for daddy de n wan u to write some words on e ang bao. - . - Later give mom back e $5"


anyway me being the prodigal child, i went back and asked my sis back for the empty ang pow.

ANDDDDDDDDDD put 30 bucks in it.

man, am i good or am i good.
just reached home and i just thought i'd do a short post for saturday.

1. had nais seafood dinner.
2. went to Timbres
3. drank Jim Beam with coke (although the JB taste was fucking strong and the coke was nowhere to be seen/tasted)
4. listened to kewl musik
5. went home

had a great day, as usual :)
i know u guys all wanna do ur work lah, but thanks for making it for today mang.

but then again i REALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYY wished she was there.
havent seen her for so long and i really really miss her.

if i were to choose a song right now that would represent my feelings aptly, it would be

Nickelback - Far Away

Baby, u're being missed.
And i hope u've had as much fun at ur godpa's as i've had just now :)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

WoW maintenance now. Thus this post.

For some reason or another, i almost always relate to bittersweet songs about break ups, going away, parting and the like.

For example,

3 Doors Down - Here without you
Neve - Its over now
Rooster - Deep And Meaningless
No Vacancy - Heal me, I'm Heartsick
Nickelback - Photograph
Nickelback - Far Away

and of course my all time favorite,

Rascal Flatts - What hurts the most

they're all pretty emo songs. when i sing along to them, i can almost feel the song as being part of me. this might sound weird, but for some reason or another, they put me in better spirits.

yes its twisted i know, but only by listening to songs like that, will I know and cherish what i have right now.

also, i tend to detest any song that is "happy" by nature. Don't know why, but I've never really been the Goody-Two-Shoes kinda guy who supports everything good.

Since young, i've always wanted the bad guys to prevail in cartoons.

Even now as im playing WoW, i can never play as the Alliance (ie humans, elves, dwarves and gnomes) which are the supposed good races.
Instead i play as the Undead, Orcs, the works. lol.

But am i bad inside? i doubt so.
its just that when u tend to conform to something too much, u just wanna try out the other extreme just to see what would happen.

if u just read till here and said to urself "huh simi lancheow?"
then i ought to thank you for reading this crap because when i read it again myself,
that was my exact reaction.

just some random thoughts linking to other random thoughts. lmao.
L is for the way YOU look at me
O is for the only ONE i see
V is very, very EXTRAORDINARY
E is even more than anyone that YOU adore

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Moral of the story for today is:

fysh > * at bowling and i fucking hate R&B & Jazz.