Fysh tails. (pun pun)

Saturday, July 26, 2003

wooo~ today has been a really how should i say...Good day? heh. all i did was use the comp, n watch tv. yup, i went on a slackathon. :) then in the evening i went to watch t3. ahhaha..i've got nothing to say..but juz give 2 thumbs up for the REALLY REALLY cool explosions :D alotta pple said t3 sucks..but i dun really agree..k la..maybe for the last part..the 2 heroes juz end up in some underground bunker. bah. so much for some finale explosion i was expecting. oh well, there was a part which i found funny. this part where Arnie said " You cannot self- terminate." hahaha, k fine..but it tickles my funny bone. :) yupz, and i found the T-X model damn nice. with all the metallic stuff and blue lights. woo whee~ i think i shall go buy one and put in my room~ then i can stare it everyday! but sadly..there's a hole in my pocket..cos i bought this new adidas climalite shirt which costed 40 bucks. oh well, i'm an impulse buyer! hehehe. i dun mind eating one-tonne mee for the rest of the week. :D hmm..jiahui's having trouble with her blog..gotta help her..maybe blog later.


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