Fysh tails. (pun pun)

Friday, August 26, 2011

So the presentation didn't go well today, personally I felt it was a very sub-standard performance. And to put it bluntly, it was pretty fucked up.

Guess I only have myself to blame for putting together such a shabby piece of work and a shabby, slipshod piece of work can only be shabbily presented. It didn't flow smoothly. And now the word which I've come to dislike is "probability" - fumbled on it so many times I can't even bring myself to count. Hahaha guess I really SHOULD have done my essay first before actually coming up with the slides.

Oh well, shan't brood on it. Shall start working on my essay proper! :)

Anyway, just caught Final Destination 5 - pretty hilarious lolllllllll


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