Fysh tails. (pun pun)

Tuesday, August 12, 2003


Sunday, August 10, 2003

oh yeah, btw..the pics are at jiahui's site. go check em out ya? :)
juz finished my gp essay. 564 words. damn. that's too lil. gotta write more nex time..dunno why la..but feeling kinda sleepy..*yawn* haha..i'm looking forward to nex wk man. i've got like 3 tests...of which i've studied for none. MOst people will say " then go study now! watcha doin online? " i would tell em, " screw all those tests ". goddamit. i'm sick of studying, esp if u study in a class with no life. i mean like u need motivation to study rite? and where else do u get it but frm ur class? my whole class is as dead as a dead fish. wth. NO BLOODY LIFE. the only life i can find is durin canoeing trng.. yeah. dunno la..somehow i lost my competitiveness which i had since pri sch. my life in tchs n pjc is full of shiit . lalalla.amazing life i've got. wanna be a statue? come to pj! kthnxbey.
oooooo...sentosa pics are uploaded. go check em out. :)
eh..i juz changed my blog layout. comments anyone? practical ones please. i don't want comments like "eee..i dun like ur picture.." or "eee..so fugly..".
came back frm sentosa yesterday. gotta say that i was quite disappointed at first..cos i seriously hate it when people start calling u up and say that they cannot make it at the last minute..damn. anyway, only 7 pple went..but we had our fun too. which was good i guess. haha..too bad liz couldn't come tho..oh well
oooohh..i've gotten darker~ lol. i look much better now. heh. as chel always says " we shouldnt waste SUN! "..lol. so i din waste it! yeah..then after sentosa.. we(me betz n jia) went to cine food court to makan. i had a beef steak. but it wasnt enough..i supposed i needed 2. lol. umm. yeah..then we went to jia hui's house. dunno do what also..but they needed my help to correct their blog's html. lol..talk about free labour..heh. kiddin :) yup..then i took a while to correct betz blog's html..then went home..by the time i reached home, it was like 11 plus n i was dead tired..haha..so i juz went straight to my bed n plonked down. and just this morning i could hear my dad complain abt me not switching off the lights yesterday. oops~

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

yeah man. came back frm LTC yesterday. whoo..dead tired..so decided to blog only today..umm..about any LTC stuff, ask me. i'll tell u all bout it..juz that i'm lazy to type it down la..ahhaha..a lotta nice n interesting things happened. :)

okay. on to today. i went back to sch. owing one whole shit load of hw. whee..lol. u know that feeling where u juz owe so much u juz dun wanna do? i'm feeling liddat now
haha..oh well. shan't talk abt hw..
had canoeing today..got scolded by some china man for rowing past him while he was in the water. haha. then my coach scolded him back..
wah lao..i felt damn bad..might not be his fault..but i juz feel damn bad la..causing this unneccessary quarrel..lol..oh well..i finally can row k1 with power stroke..heh. feelin proud of myself now.. :) i can see a bright future in canoeing for me.

sighz..feeling bored now..the aftermath of ltc..in ltc i had so much fun..now like damn sian..bah.