Fysh tails. (pun pun)

Monday, February 28, 2005

haha. here's another reason why i say that my dad is so fucking uber l337.

i was having my dinner just now, when he said "eh this yr tchs nv take O lvls already ah?"
Then i said "yea. no more. now hwa chong institution."

So he went on abt some guy who got 15 pts for his O lvls.
If you think thats quite common, wait till i tell u abt how he's 24 yrs old now and how he re took his O lvls 4 times.

Anyway, he went on, and said "eh but those rgs girls are really good leh."
So i said "yeah but they look guai tai wad, dont they."
He pondered for awhile, before saying
"Actually not really guai tai lah."
"More like aliens."

Sunday, February 27, 2005


Meet my friend Charlie.

Let's play a game.

Hide and seek.

You hide, and I'll seek.

One thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three...

I'm coming.

Come out,
Come out,
Wherever you are..

Friday, February 25, 2005

Give me one reason not to hate taking MRTs.
For every one reason, I can give you 10 reasons WHY I HATE TAKING MRTs.

Lets start at the platform.
1)Everyone crowds around the fucking yellow lines. (Note: not behind them, in front of them. and some fucktards just feel good standing right in front of the door, when there's a really obvious sign which says "Give way to alighting passengers.")
All huddled around the fucking area like hyenas feeding on a carcass.

Train arrives.
2)Yeah, as i mentioned above, instead of waiting for the passengers to step outta the mrt, they wanna push their way in first. Think LOTR, where the riders of rohan chiong into the armies of mordor. u get the idea. Results in a clogged up piece of shit.
3)People who push their way in. As long as there's something infront, they push. Like as if the train doors are gonna close anytime on them, or that was the last train on earth.

On Board.
5)Fucktards who keep on saying "escew me escew me" for God knows what fucked up reason. Example? The train's gonna reach a station in 5 mins time, but they're intent on "escewing" themselves to the door just so they can get off first, and maybe, Get a prize too! And what's the difference between their last position and their current one after "escewing" themselves? No more than 2 steps. And yet those 2 steps they took caused so much irritance. Like whatever lah cheebye. I'd force open the door while the mrt is travelling halfway and make sure they escew themslves off the fucking train. If only they could just WAIT AWHILE, for the convenience of others. Fools.

6)Clowns who lean on the poles. Whats wrong with that? you might ask. but the thing is, in a crowded train, people gotta hold on to something so they wont topple over another person. but some happening people just wanna lean on them. just today, this dude was leaning on the pole in the train i was on. and this granny next to the pole has nothing to hold on to. AND she kept falling into me. so i told that guy "hey can u fucking stand straight u invertebrate, so that other people can hold the fucking pole."

7)People who dont wanna move to the middle cos they're content with wherever they are. Nothing to say bout them.

8)People who cant carry their stuff properly. The train is already so fucking packed, and yet they still leave their things lying around everywhere. I felt like kicking them away.

At Jurong East Interchange
9)You know the situation when ur train reaches Jurong east, and just nice the middle train comes? Well, i wont be suprised to see people literally SPRINTING out of the train once the doors open. Its like as if their ass caught fire or something. All this just to get a pathetic seat.

10th reason consists of everything from body odour, irritating noise makers, etc etc.

Wow wee fucktards.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

hoho. im back. after intense mapling, i upped 33 lvls in 1 week. whahha. pwns j00 all.

anyhow, nothing's been up with my life lately. boring as usual, with alv dunno doing wad lansai, G working, and ben at sch. pretty nothing much. just go work, slack, come home, ms, sleep. Repeat cycle. end of the month is approaching soon.
Total earnings for Feb (14 days at $45 a day, plus 2.5 saturdays) = $680
not quite shabby for 2 wks. but sian lah farking new yr koped one whole wk. or i could have earned moar. like 200 more. naohiah. thinking of getting my xbox, but perhaps i'll wait till there's another sitex-like exhibition. anyone knows when there'll be one?

haha anyway, zhao-ed work today and went to seoul garden. i think its a really nais place to just sit, eat and chill. pretty good atmosphere. ahah but it made me fat. haw. shopped a lil, and i realised i wanna buy more shirts. cos my shirts are getting small. dont know why.

boring boring boring. i hate working. there's nothing to do but go there and read my book. nabei.

Oh by the way, the company im working in is gonna have an exhibtion at Suntec City. Some furnishing thingy i suppose, since the company is dealing in laminate wood flooring. Its from 11th-13th March. From 10am-9pm. Yes i know its really long. But its the standard exhibition time. Pay im not sure yet. Gotta ask my boss first. And i think all u gotta do is explain to the customers and stuff. just tell them what laminate flooring is good for, show them how stain resistant it is, blah blah. u get the idea. haha. But hey, if u're interested, just msg me on msn or something. And if u're just somebody who stumbled across this and it aroused ur interest, u can add me on msn at chromium15@hotmail.com. and we can work things out. haha yeah the requirements of this job are simple. just open ur mouth and talk. otherwise u'd be just giving out pamphlets and all. easy peasy. keke. yeah thats all. :) dont know if i shud work there or not. sounds fun. but yet somehow the office looks strangely appealing all of a sudden...

Sunday, February 20, 2005

ok as most of you would know, my current nick on msn is
"Hand-made by the Handicapped."

i doubt anyone got it.
Its an irony. Go figure.

haw. anyway 1 more wk till xbox/ps2

im quite satisfied with my life now.
save the fact i gotta wake up at 6.30am everyday. and that sucks. ):

Monday, February 14, 2005

Sitting in the office with my valentine on the outside.
Listening to Something Corporate - Konstantine

Wonderfully composed, absolutely bittersweet song.

Thinking back, the only proper vdae i ever had was exactly two yrs ago.
went to the zoo on that day. haha BUT we weren't together yet at that time.
The wallet im carrying and using is officially 2 yrs old.
The Zoo Ticket stub is officially 2 yrs old.
The lil cutesy note she gave me is 2 yrs old too.
Plus a cat on a heart which she gave me, of which is sitting in my glass cabinet, is 2 yrs old too.

Somethings, you just cant help but appreciate. Haha i dont know if u even read my blog anymore, but thanks for all the beautiful memories.

lol im such a sentimental sucker.

here's a snippet outta "Konstantine"

"and if this is what it takes
just to lie in my mistakes
and live with what i did to you
and all the hell I put you through
I always catch the clock
it's 11:11
and now you want to talk
it's not hard to dream
you'll always be my konstantine"

So right now, im just sitting here in my chair.
With everything or nothing going through my head.
Just building castles in the air.
Well, its time to move on ahead.

Happy Valentine's Day. :)
work tmr. sian. anyhow, im gonna buy myself a vid game console at the end of this month. either a ps2 or a xbox. any opinions? because im quite sick of playing games on my laggy comp and killing snails AGAIN.

Fuck it.

hmm. what does it mean when a certain person is able to affect ur moods inside out?
like just talking to him/her would bring about a tidal change in moods.
think major mood swings. haha. maybe it doesnt mean anything. maybe im just being weird. haw.

haha. anyhow, happy vdae. tho i dun see how special it is. gonna spend it with athenu chu in the office. happening.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

You Are A Romantic

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ok since i'm waiting for alv's *ahem* crystal to dye her gothic hair. i shall blog. wheeeee

here are a few interesting snippets since my last post.

While playing Gb, i came across this guy who was from Malaysia.
And there he was spouting some shit.
So i told him to Stfu
And he spouted more shit.
So i asked him, "Dude do u even know what u're talking about? What language are u speaking?"

And being the true blue malay he is,
He said "I speak Malaysian."


On to the second one. Alv has been bugging me to blog abt it since he thinks it was really cool and all. ahahha.
Anyhow, we were walking home, when we saw this plump guy in front of us.
his hand was in his pants.
so i said to alv "hey check out that dude. i think he's scratching his cock."

Then alv said "What? SCRATCH COCK?"
and i was like "wtf. not so loud lah. cb."
Alv proceeded with "What did u say? SCRATCH COCK AH?"

by this time we were like only 10m away from the guy and he was already giving us a lantiu face.
but i dont think alv cared. cos instead of stopping, he increased the frequency.

anyway new yr was kan sian.
i hate new yrs and all chinese festivals.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

You are a Ragdoll! You are known for your laid
back attitude. You are the ultimate in
low-maintenance. You'd rather hang out around
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Monday, February 07, 2005

How Love-Smart are you?
Young Einstein!
When it comes to love you know your stuff. It's obvious that you understand how the opposite sex think, what they like and how you can make them happy. Hey why don't you rewrite the book of love!

How Love-Smart are you? Find out at DatingTips.ws
As i was telling G, i was "considering" setting up a restaurant. so naturally i'd have to think up names for the restaurant and the dishes themselves.
anyone has any ideas?
here're a couple myself.

1.keekleclams/cockles/mussels fried with sambal/black pepper
2.fried oyster omelette with HAO ZHI ALL OWER. mm. bittersweet.
3.corny corn with mexican jumping beans.
4.stonefysh with deep fried sea anemone.
5.chicken nudgegets
6.trixxy drumstixs (dedicated to alvyn)
7.drink of the day- Naohiah Juice
(above 3 were contributed by G. Gee, Thanks G. HAHAA)

damn i cant think of anymore. its too trixxy.
anyhow, i thought of the restaurant name and the specialty dish.

Specialty dish is


and guess what.

Restaurant's name is

"Fyshy Business: Use Wulgarities at your own discretion"

why? u might ask. read on to find out!

Gee came up with an interesting way for customers to order!
here're the new dishes
Chilled Burps
On Mean Fisherman's Goatee
Fysh Under Corny Keekles
Where's The Fysh?
dont get the link?

customers can now order by short form!
"can i have a cb?"
"omfg pls."
"give me a fuck."

so lets say a customer walks in
Alv for instance.
Waiter: "hi may i have your order?" -shows alv the menu-
Alv: -looks at uber l337 menu- "OMFG?"
Waiter: ok that will be one. anything else?
Alv: Cheebye lah fuck loh.
Waiter: oh okay 3 items now. nothing else right?
Alv: WTF?
Waiter: Relaxing sir. ur fysh is coming soon.

ahahha trix4u alv. kidding nia lah ok.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

keke. ok im ower my cynical mood. yayy. ((:
Have you ever had one of those days where you just wake up, and you ask yourself this very question.

"Why should we be happy?"

Its the same logic that applies to clubbers.
They say, "Lets go Party!"
The thing is, What's there to party about?

For some reason, i'm feeling really cynical about everything and anything.

Taken from Xb's blog. ahha.

lol. i'm blogging this for fish. hahahahaha.after not seeing my dear friend fish teh jingyu for umpteen months, he's finally pestered me to go out with him. and of course, i budged because i promised him many times during the holidays to follow him to work but i've been too busy to catch up with him.so since today he'd be working half day and i can meet him in town for lunch, WHY NOT? haha. we had lunch at KFC, talked alot of shit, and fish finished up a tub of yucky coleslaw which smells like fart while i gobbled up my zinger burger with much haste. ahh yes, we "chick-watched". all we saw were ugly angmohs, jap wannabes, adam&theandersonkids and interestingly enough, a ballerina who subconciously stands on her toes every 5 minutes. after the meal, i was still kinda hungry lah. so i told fish that i wanted to get some cookies from subway. and being the typical fish, he said, "what lantiu cookies lah. i hate eating this kind of thing lah.".sureeeeeeeeeeee fish. sure. so i bought 3, 2 peanut butters, 1 oatmeal raisin. AH HA. guess what. i passed him the paper bag and he finished one peanut butter cookie lah okay. and then again he said "eh nais!" translated in english, nais = nice. then when i went onto my oatmeal raisin i gave him a bite lahhhh. and he was like "EHHHH NAIS!" AH HA x 2. k anyway, this is actually what i'm supposed to blog about. see, fish wanted to go down to bugis to collect his motherboard and also at the same time meet G aka gloria. we were at heeren and we decided to take a bus there because i'm using bus concession. but hey, i didn't know 190 doesn't go to bugis! and i thought new bridge road and bugis are quite near. soo.. AHAH. we ended up in a place where there were old people, ba kuas, chinese new year confectionaries and decorations. CHINATOWN! HAHAHA. when we got off the bus i burst into laughter and continued having a good laugh for a good 10 minutes. HAHA. you just can't stop laughing when fish goes, "WTF!", "OMG CHINATOWN. F*CK YOU!", "SHIT YOU LAH. 190 GOES TO BUGIS RIGHT." hahahaha. so yea, i struggled to walk in a straight line while fish continued swearing all the way until we found the MRT station. lol. it's damn funny can.k. i've decided this entry should have an abrupt end. bye.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

hur. this is what u do when ur bored. u start taking screenshots. keke.
anyhow, this is one of my fav specials of all time. kan chio. and kan wiolent.
Hohsei. :)
dont worry. more to come. hehehe

1 hr more till knocking off. hoho.
1- ower here u've got the follow up special starting up.

2- slashes with the right hand. the dude flies.

3- slashes again with left hand. 2 times. the dude flies higher.

4- dude flies higher and outta screen. meanwhile my character turns into a nigg@ and..

5- the dude flies down head first, while my character zhams the ground and..


7- dude flies outta screen again while the giant purple geyser dissipates.

8- dude never did come down, but instead had a 1 way ticket to the moon with 2 words on his forehead. "Gg n00b."

haw. in the office now. AS USUAL.
And guess what.
i just finished 2 meals of sausage mcmuffin with egg.
hoho damn good shit.
drinking my teh tarik now.
woo whee. life is goooooooooood.

Friday, February 04, 2005


Today started off like lansai.
I had only 3 bucks in my wallet.
My EZlink's broke.
i spent $1.80(cck to PL)+$0.45(bus) on public transport
No moolah.
I only had Calbee Potato Chips for breakfast.
Which was, in fact, Really Very Pari Pari.
but who the fark eats potato chips for breakfast. but alv will say he does. i dunno why. but he does. :@:@:@:@:@
500 bux in the stinking atm but i cant seem to find an ATM ANYWHERE.
sian can. now i got no monies for lunch too. ):

gonna go to the john little warehouse sale later. hoho. gonna buy some uber l337 shirts.
btw i realised that Boredom+Hyperactivity+A lil bit of Angst= My current state.
Yeah, Fyuck you. ((:

Thursday, February 03, 2005

yay my new fone. ((:

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

You are Rerun!

Which Peanuts Character are You?

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