Fysh tails. (pun pun)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

it has been SUCH A ONE HELL OF A BUSY WEEK. but still good nonetheless. :)

so lets pick up on thursday.

went for my psychology talk at JCU on thursday evening. haha had some trouble getting there at first, so i ended up taking a cab from yio chu kang MRT. i must say it was a really intriguing talk, esp the one given by the prof. Of all the categories in psychology, such as sports or forensic psych, i think my passion is still in clinical psych, more on the medical side.

and then after the talk, it was a mad rush home to shower and then book into camp.

friday was duty day, a very boring one at that, since the rest of my guys left camp early in the afternoon to PLC for some parade. spent my time reading a book, sleeping and watching TV at night. and for dinner, I GAVE IN TO SHAKER FRIES AGAIN. i really hope macs takes away those shaker fries soon. they are soooooo damnnnnn delicious! (but also damnnnnnnn sinful :( )

went running with the guys on saturday morning at the usual route. i could run further now, but still cant exceed 15 km. sigh. maybe i should train by myself first. feels like a burden when the rest of the guys have to put up with me not being able to continue. and its only 2 months left before the 84 km, im sure they're damn anxious by now. maybe i should go invest in a knee guard and a new pair of shoes. not sure if its my shoes that are causing my knee problem.

hahaha and in a whirlwind of events that followed, i found myself going to msia. went there for some birthday dinner. RM 17.80 for a seoul garden style buffet - thats like about 8 SGD. dinner was good, but then again, i wasnt there for the food. but more for the company. ;)

first overseas experience. hopefully with more to come! :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

so my sunglasses was delivered to my house yesterday at 1pm. but my sis was bathing, so she missed it, and the delivery guy just left a slip of paper at my door step.

today i called up Singpost, to ask them where my parcel is. i assumed they sent it back to the choa chu kang branch, but i called them up just to be sure.

instead of choa chu kang, they told me it was at paya lebar instead. i booked out at about 7pm, and since the singpost HQ at paya lebar only closes at 9pm, i did something which is so myself.

i just had to go down today to collect it personally. hahahaha. my dad was like "cant you wait till tmr to go down? or reschedule another date for them to come down?"

and i was like "no. i wanna get it today"

which is so me, because if i want something, i'll definitely get it. by any means possible.

so i took the MRT alllllllll the way down to paya lebar, reached there at about 8.20pm. the singpost woman there told me that since i didnt call prior to coming down to collect it, i gotta wait for them to retrieve the item. will only be done at 9pm.

and by then i was so damn hungry. so i went downstairs to look for food. settled on KFC, since there was only Macs/KFC.

went back at 9pm to check on my parcel. and she finally handed it to me!

hahahaha when i opened it, i really felt like some 6 year old kid opening his birthday present.

it was just....something that i had looked forward to for 3 weeks! :)

and now im happyyyy!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

another week has gone by just like that. i swear the weeks just fly by when you're in ORD mode. i guess time just passes quickly when all you do is sleep, eat, and shit in camp. haha. and best of all, i'm getting PAID!

also, can't wait to see how much my pay increment is. although its only for 3 months. oh well, better than nothing.

my oakleys still hasn't arrived. it left San Francisco on 9th March. its already 21st March. Shipping takes so long one meh? whatever it is, i just hope it arrives before i leave for my redang trip!

okayyy so lets see what's up for me next week.

Monday - Dental Appt at AH

Tuesday - Eat. Sleep. Shit.

Wednesday - Eat. Sleep. Shit.

Thursday - Got a psychology talk to attend. Hmm. Will most prob take off on this day then.

Friday - Duty duty duty. :(

i needddddddddd to suntan! the sun was damn good today, surprisingly. no clouds, no rain, etc. like as if everything got pushed to the afternoon/evening.

oh yes, i think i can finally run short distances. that's a good start, feels like i havent ran in ages!

and speaking of exercise, yeah i can't wait to get back into my running form. already ate 2 macdonald's meals this week. and feeling damn guilty about it.

hahahaha but i can't help it! i think its the hot and spicy shaker fries' fault. Last week, i learnt a new term - tio lam. Frm a taxi driver. In a really funny situation. And to end off in a totally random note, some things which i would wanna do. 1) watch clash of the titans (geeky, but i've always had a thing for greek mythology 2) watch how to train a dragon (always loved dragons since young!) 3) visit universal studios singapore! Gotta experience the rides at least once! :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

And so, its sunday again! End of the weekend :(

Each week, there are only 3 days which i look forward to - Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Not because they're days which i can spend out of camp, but because i can see and spend time with someone special. :)

And as usual, this weekend has been great. No wait..

Make it the best one ever, so far. ;) (and i hope YOU had a great time too!)

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

helloo bev! tailbone pain or abrasions could be due to the following causes: 1) the floor is too hard - try using a thicker/softer exercise mat, or place something soft under your hip. Or, try doing your sit ups on soft ground usually found at those exercise stations. Those blue/red grainy rubber bits thingy. I usually do mine there after a run. 2) improper posture/way of doing. The more reps you do, the more tired you'll be, resulting in you using your lower back and hips to bring yourself up. In doing so, your lower back will be on and off the ground, and when it lands, your tailbone will absorb most of the impact, resulting in pain. So, try decreasing the amount of reps for each set, instead of 20, try 15. And perhaps increase the number of sets, if you feel no kick. Hope it helped! :)

Sunday, March 07, 2010

now i know why i didnt use to be such a big fan of planning ahead.

anyone who knows me, should and will also know that if there're things to be done, i'm the kinda person who will always get it done ASAP, right there and then. even if it means spending more resources/time/energy etc getting it done at that moment in time, as compared to waiting till tmr, or perhaps next time to do it, when it is more energy efficient, so to speak.

and sadly, i guess this reflects my shopping mentality too. :(

but i digress.

as i was saying, i figured out why i previously didn't like making long term goals. Compare them to short term ones, like say...buying something.

If i need to buy something, i just go out immediately and buy it. Once i've got it, end of story. And i can strike that task off my mind.

But for long term goals and tasks, they'll be constantly and always on my mind. I'll keep thinking about it, and it irks me. They aren't something that i can just finish in a blink of an eye.

Because i always like to keep my mind clean, ie. clear up all the things that i have to do, when it comes to long term stuff, i can't do anything about it. it just haunts me over and over again.

hmm. but i guess i should learn how to transform this negative feelings into positive ones, like motivation.

come to think of it, sometimes i really don't understand myself. such raw thoughts.

anyhow, just for this blog's sake, here are some things - LONG TERM ones, that are constantly on my mind.

1) Driving (the sooner i get this done, the better)
2) Psychology studies (won't be done anytime soon, sadly)

in a way, i guess its a good thing. i must focus on my studies, i can't falter now.
Random bit of information of the week!

Take a look at your right hand, palm up. The more testosterone you were exposed to in the womb, the longer your fourth or ring finger will be in relation to your second or pointing finger.

If you were exposed to more estrogen, these 2 fingers will be the same length, or your pointing finger will be longer than your ring finger.

Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone. From the psychological perspective, it influences aggression and sexual appetite, in both males and females.

Aggression does not necessarily refer to the physical aspect. Men/women with high levels of testosterone are more likely to make rash decisions, or just rush into things impulsively and without thinking.

Also, the more testosterone one has, his/her sexual appetite increases as well. Or, in other words, he/she would tend to be "horny" 24/7.

Estrogen is the primary female sex hormone. They are mainly responsible for the development of the female sex characteristics. (such as menstruation)

Even males produce estrogen, if only in a minute amount. Its essential for healthy bones and overall health.

Hahaha alright, enough of all that scientific stuff. I just found it pretty fascinating, so couldnt help it.

Another week has passed and its more or less about 90+ days left to ORD!

Will be heading to Malaysia this coming April with the family. And its gonna be the sun, the sea, and the beach!

my favourite type of place!

and so, thanks to the high levels of testosterone, i impulsively bought this off eBay.

i've been eyeing this model for a long long time now, the only thing which stopped me from buying it, was the fact that it costed 700 bucks.

but i saw this on ebay for 450 SGD, so i bought it.

hahaha. i seriously need to stop spending so rashly. everytime i want/need something, i have this tendency to want to get it NOW.

oh well, cant wait for this baby to come to SG!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

am still feeling like crap after having told her about my future plans. 6 years, its a really long time to wait for someone. I really wish there was another alternative or something, but this is my passion, its something that i have to accomplish in my lifetime. I do this, so as to secure a good job, and with it, give my family and parents a good life. Bev, if you're reading this, i love you so much and frankly, im afraid of losing you. But i understand your needs, and time just isnt the luxury that women have. I don't wanna hold you back, or tie you down. Because it would only be selfish of me to do so. If we walk different paths, then we eventually have to part ways. But if, for some minute chance that even i do not dare to think of, that you're willing to share the same path with me, i have thought about it and im willing to commit myself to being with you. Then again its most prob just wishful thinking on my part. Well, the good thing is, at least you're going out to work soon. You're gonna meet a zillion guys out there who will be stable, nice and who love you too. And naturally, me being such a boring person already, you'd easily forget about me. I told you before, you've got nothing to worry about. If you look long term, this is what you'll most probably see. But for now, before you head out into the society and meet the one, i only have 5 words for you - "just let me, love you." i ask for nothing in return. And even though i know i might be "wasting my time" indulging myself in something that might have no returns, i will still do it - because even in the end if there's nothing, there're still the memories and the experience. Those will suffice, for me.