Fysh tails. (pun pun)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

caught transformers 2 last night, and i thought it was pretty good, despite all those ratings that i saw in 8-days/Newpaper/Straits Times.

2 stars, 1 star, and EVEN HALF A STAR - out of 5 stars. WTF?

their rationale?

"oh transformers is just mindless action blah blah blah, no plot just action."

but honestly, isnt that what its SUPPOSED to be in the first place?

for fuck's sake, this isnt the chronicles of gandhi or ______ (insert random inspirational movie).

People watch the movie for explosions, for leet robots, for awesome CGI, and of course, for megan fox. Thats all.

Everything in the movie is just supposed to be in your face, you're not supposed to use your brain while watching it.

Thats why movie critics nowadays have to L2CRITIC.

Their shitty ratings are akin to saying that cartoons are childish.

Fucking DUH.

Anyways, just some random updates.

Life in army is as usual. Just getting by day by day. 1730 being my favourite time of the day, and will be everyday until i ORD.

I've quit WoW more or less, due to lack of time to play, and also because the game developers have evolved it into some welfare game whereby everyone is walking around in the same items, thus removing its unique reward system.