Fysh tails. (pun pun)

Monday, May 31, 2004

haha. life's bland for me nowadays. been gaming most of my time away. talknig to cheryl and jiahui online now. cheryl's telling me abt her sch and friends, jiahui that noob is tinkering with her ipod. heh. ben's getting along better with huiwen now. glad to know that he's feeling better since last saturday. glad to know that after god knows how long he's been trixxing, he's finally found the special someone. heh. and that feeling is way different frm being with other people. i still wanna see if u can still kao pei me abt being too loyal. haha its damn funny when he says this to me. "eh fysh, dun trix huiwen leh. plspls. i beg yuo." HAHAHA. wtf? i'll show u what she said nex tyme lar. u'll laugh. whahha. hm, hols are here. tyme to get my jeans. AT LONG LAST.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

ben's feeling fucked up now. and that's the feeling which i know. i've been there, done that and in fact been through more than him in this aspect. but as much as i know he wanna give up and throw everything away, he cant help it but just hold on. and then sometimes, i think to myself.

You don't love a person because he makes you laugh.
You don't love a person because he's handsome.
You don't love a person because he's Mr. Popular.
You don't love a person because he messsages you "I love you" everynight.
You love him because
You know that he loves you
As much as you love him.
And that's all that matters.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

lol. firstly, i've gotta comment on the narrow minded-ness of people nowadays. u ask someone for the email of another person, and they assume u wanna buaya her, jio her, trix her. whatever. wtf does asking for someone's number/contact = to flirting? that is unless u're that kind lar. but if u're doing it out of sincerity, and just really wanna make new friends. i dun see anything wrong. lol not only that. she refused to give me the email, plus she commented abt one whole shit load of crap. fuck off lah. i dun need u to give me ur crap. stupid acsian shit. pls lar if i'm the kind who goes arnd asking for people's numbers, i wont be me. fucking hell u ask arnd lar. this is the first fucking time i'm asking for someone else's email. and that's because 1. she stays in the choa chu kang area, 2. i see her every morning in my mum's car on my way to school, 3. i've seen her arnd even before she came into pjc, and lastly, i juz wanna fucking make more friends cos pjc is one big fucked up graveyard. plus i've always been devoted to the one person. u've got a problem with that? sue me. "cos the best is fucking yet to be". ah well. i cant be bothered now anyway. i've been asking arnd, which is so not me. makes me seem like i'm so desperate, which i'm not. i'll just take things one step at a time. dun wanna seem like some desperate fool.

Monday, May 03, 2004

lol. i juz realised that my classmate knows c****. keekles. that makes it one step easier for me to know her. benita hasnt replied my msg yet. gah so slow. sian lar. there's lantiu physics test tmr. oh yeah. this morning there was this lantiu indian kid who ran in between me and ben for no fucking reason. of cos i kaobei-ed. and it went like this.
Me: Simi lanjiao?
Nigga: what lanjiao? dun think i dunno wad lanjiao means.
Me: yeah that's you. so fuck off. =)
and stupid nigga juz ran off. keekles. PWNED. wanted to type an essay on what i thought abt christianity. but oh well. shant. keekles to u alv.