Fysh tails. (pun pun)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Let me pick up where I've left off since the SISPEC POP Grad parade.

I'm back at Sungei Gedong camp, which is the place which I'll stay at till 12/06/2010.

After countless psychos by the enciks about crossing over to OCS and the unit's lame ass excuse of MESS INITIATION in the form of UIP (Unit Induction Programme - which was nothing more than 2 days 1 night of outfield, IPPT and SOC), I can safely say that I'm more or less settled down.

On a happier note though, I'm glad to say that my SOC timing has improved from 9:39 mins - which was my 1st year timing, to 9:18 mins! And that was after countless binging on canteen food too.

I can only cross my fingers and hope that I can AT LEAST maintain that timing when the time comes for my 2nd year SOC test!

Besides that, there's nothing much about my army life which is worth mentioning.

Back to RL though, just yesterday I went with a few of my guys to this thai bar called "Nana", which is I think, near Clarke Quay. No cover charge btw.

Inside, it was more of like a club actually - minus the dancefloor. It had a stage for performances such as bartop dancing, singing etc. The women inside were...well, scantily clad. Most of them wore bikini tops, tubes, hot pants and basically anything which revealed as much skin as possible. But before the thought of "LUP SAP BAR" corrupts your mind, it wasnt lah.

It was my first time going to such a bar, so being MYSELF, i was trying to convince myself that this wasnt a sleazy bar and i was only here to "look see look see". My friends and I found a table (wanted to sit at the couches one, but needed 5 people) and ordered our drinks. 1x Chivas bottle with freeflow soda + green tea.

About 15 minutes into settling down, I was just trying to settle down, "enjoy" the loud music and watch the performances, when suddenly I felt someone tapping my left shoulder.

So I turned around I came face to face with 2-3 girls whom I believed, worked there, due to their dressing. They introduced themselves, or rather, tried to. But due to their heavy thai accent and the insanely loud music, I couldnt make out a damn thing. So I just nodded my head and smiled.

Then, like automatic, the girls deployed themselves - 1 each for each of us guys. There were 3 girls there and 4 of us guys, so one of my friends was left out. And for those guys who wanna know, yeah the girls were pretty. Its like the company screens through them before employing them, making sure they CMI first. (can make it) Anyway, my girl then started chatting me up, asking me my name, what my occupation is..etc.

After some simple chatter, I tried to ignore her and focus on the performances instead when i felt her hand on my thigh. Frankly, i'm not shy to say that i kinda panicked lah. Immediately i turned over to my friend sitting beside me, who noticed my reaction and was grinning to himself, and asked him "eh wtf like that must pay money one not?" cos I've heard of such hostesses throwing themselves at people and then demanding payment after that.

i figured that since she was so "friendly", then it'd be quite impolite for me to just ignore her like that. so i tried starting a conversation with her too.

after lots of "HUH?", "WHAT?", "PARDON?", i managed to find out that the girl and her friends are 21 years old, they're only here in SG for 1 month to work before going back to thailand to study. (my girl's english was quite chui la, plus her accent sibei gao, so most of the time her friend was translating for her.)

that kinda struck a chord within me. They're like only 21 years old..why do they have to do this? Why work in an adult industry which involves allowing people to touch you everywhere just for the sake of earning money?

I asked one of the girl's friends how long she had been working there, and she said she had worked for 3 weeks, so just 1 more week and she'll be flying back to Thailand. So i asked her out of curiosity "do you enjoy working here?"

she replied "no. i wanna go back thailand." knowing that it might get sensitive if i probbed further, i just left it at that.

but back to the topic, im guessing perhaps its the attractive pay which is the only reason why they're working there.

although last night I had pretty and friendly girls all around me, i wouldnt really say that I enjoyed myself thoroughly. I kinda pity them, imagine the feelings of the parents of those girls.

So in the end, all I could do to help them, was to fork out the 36 bucks when my girl turned to look at me with puppy dog eyes and asked "can treat drink?"