Fysh tails. (pun pun)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Liverpool VS Singapore ended with a score of 5-0.

its ironic how the national stadium is chock full of Singaporeans supporting Liverpool instead of their own country.

but funny nonetheless.

went swimming in the morning before heading down to ION in the afternoon.

ION was....normal. Nothing spectacular, just some random shopping centre u'd expect to have in the middle of orchard road.

Though the shopping experience wasnt exactly a good one, due to the INSANE crowd there. Plus it also didnt help that most of the shops were side by side on narrow passageways. if you cant picture it, think the narrow one as you exit from wisma to taka.

Most of the shops were so so, and if u're like me, dont bother going up to the 1st floor and above, cos they're all mainly boutiques. Actually basement also nothing much to shop, come to think of it. lol.

So all in all, my ION experience can be concluded as an ion of fun. I think taka also much more happening.

For some reason though, today I saw quite a number of people i know. Most of them from camp, but there were one or two unusual ones - such as angela toy. hahaha whom i havent talked to since my JC days. she still looks the same though.

wanted to have seoul garden for dinner, but was told there was a waiting time of 30 mins. so we went PS instead. went to Crystal jade thinking there was the steamboat buffet. but upon reaching, there was this sign outside which read "STEAMBOAT BUFFET CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE."

wtf. so we went pizza hut.

"sorry sir but we're currently full and waiting time is about 45 mins."

at that time it was already 9pm and we were hungry, and ANGRY.

so we just settled on carl's jr.

personally that was my 2nd time eating it.
the fries were alright..free flow of drinks ftw.

but the burger really sucked shit. the beef had some really weird taste. in the end i didnt finish it. and I PAID 12.80 FOR THAT SHIT.

so not worth it lor. thats the last time im eating carl's shitty jr.

oh ya sidenote:


Friday, July 24, 2009

Pretty uneventful week for me.

Wednesday was my first time going to Kuishin Bo at Jurong Point. My OC, 2IC and CSM wanted to treat the command grp to lunch. So about 15 of us wore smart four and stormed the place. Food there was....pretty alright. Though nothing spectacular. Jap food doesnt really excite me that much.

Pardon the sardonic tone for this post. Its mainly due to some events that happened today that really pulled my mood down.

To sum it all up,

Im sick of people doing half-fuck jobs.
Im sick of people telling me "no time to do servicing" when they're sitting in the office listening to radio.
Im sick of constantly nagging at people to get their paper work done.

if nothing, all NS has done for me, is to turn me into a old naggy granny.

Why do i have to shoulder all these responsibilities when everyone else around me doesn't even give a fuck?

Why am i getting the same pay as everyone around me, but im getting so much more shit than them?

how can i get the men to follow by example, when my own specs dont even have their own vehicle's interests at heart?

I'm really disappointed. And angry.

But yet,

I cant be angry at them, because they're like my only source of sanity in camp.

Today is the first time i actually showed them my annoyance/frustration instead of masking it all and talking to them nicely.

Whether they got it or not, i dont know. But here i am, wondering if i did the right thing by making a fuss.

Will this change their perspective/impression of me? I honestly dont know.

I reared my ugly head at the bunch of closest friends i have at the moment.

Did I do the right thing?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

turned out to be a great day as usual :)

went queensway in the afternoon. was hoping to get some sports stuff, such as some adidas shorts to wear instead of always wearing the lantiu army shorts.

sounds easy, but i couldnt really find any nice shorts that i liked. all the shorts sold there were too soccerish and long (length wise).

i liked a white one though, its the tennis version. but it costs 60 dollars. -.-

AND I ALSO SAW THE PAIR OF OAKS WHICH I LIKE (refer to lot one post below).

555 bucks leh, compared to the one sold for 745 at loh tuan.

but still, same problem.

max degree they can put into the lenses is 400, whilst mine is 450.

sian la, but i didnt wanna buy something just for the sake of buying, so in the end i did not. :(

just as well la, save my monies.

left queens way without buying anything in the end. went to HK cafe to chill/makan.

hahaha for some reason they gave us free har gao worth 3 bucks.

all the main courses came first, 2 noodles and 1 fried rice.

then the dim sum came, 1 spare ribs and 1 har gao.

everyone finished their main course. then started on the dim sum.

so one of my friends asked "eh har gao who order one?"

everyone had a blank look on their face. "not me leh"

took a look at the order slip. no har gao also.

so i said "aiya fuck care la they give us, just eat lor."

so we ate it up. free har gao ftw.

went to vivocity after that, instead of town.

retail therapy ftw! spent 120 bucks in zara, 2 tops 1 bottom.

went to toys'r'us. and something happened which made me feel like a bastard. hahaha

upon stepping into toys'r'us, i saw this guy on crutches.

and without processing the words through my head first, i blurted out "wah seh now toys'r'us got sell crutches as toys sia"

and that was before i actually took a closer look, and realised that "oh fuck that guy's for real"


walked around till closing time, had macs, then went to the main road opposite vivo to hail a cab.

alot of cabs went by us, those that stopped for us were either changing shift and going to another area etc etc etc.

after waiting for awhile we were kinda impatient alr.

and thats when something happened.

we were at the roadside, and my friend saw this white vehicle approaching. the top of the vehicle also got something protruding out.

so he went to the side of the road and waved frantically at the cab.

then, as the "cab" came nearer. we could see this huge word imprinted on the front of the vehicle.



another woman down the road from where we were standing also saw what happened and LOL-ed so hard.

ahhhhhhhhhh that was so lol-worthy. hahhaha

so that about spells the end of my day, hopefully the sun will be good tmr!

didnt get to tan today due to cloudy weather :(

Saturday, July 11, 2009

last day of the video production course today. i sure as hell am gonna miss the stay out lifestyle, even though it was only for 1 week.

still, it was a refreshing break from army life for me. though it still doesnt help that there's lots of saikang awaiting me back in gedong.

i wanna blog about some stuff, but i think i'd better not otherwise MSD will come and find me. its army related shit, as usual. about all the retards around us and the stupid things which they say.

Have you ever met someone so fucked up, just talking to them - or even HEARING his/her voice, irritates the hell out of you?

hahaha to get an idea of how he/she sounds, here're a few videos which SIMULATE his way of talking.

Fucked up man, seriously.

And it didnt help that I nearly had to redo the entire video editing 1 hour before the submission time.

How was that so? My files were all saved on the desktop of my editing comp, and the comp - upon being restarted cos it hung like horse's balls, actually deletes everything on the desktop. So GG, HG, NO-RE.

Luckily i exported a copy of the raw video from yesterday into a DVD, so i used that instead and made whatever minor additions i could to salvage the situation.

All the effects and shit that i did this morning came to naught though, and i felt really damn bloody sian 1/2.

Still got good comments about it in the end, so it cheered me up a lil. And i realised that although i couldnt show the rest my leet editing skeels, im still satisfied with myself for learning new things on my own - which i dont think were "BASIC".

Alright, enough ranting.

Saturday morning is tanning as usual! Followed by going to queensway to grab some sports gear in the afternoon. Evening/night time is still open for whomever! Need shopping kakis pls. (though i dont think anyone reads this blog anymore hahahha)

bed time! night! :)

Sunday, July 05, 2009

today happened to be one of those days when my comp gives me shit..

was playing games halfday, when the screen started to tear with blue pixels everywhere.

eventually i found out where the problem came from - my video card.

i was quite sad la, why my nvidia 8800 so chui. knn so big and tua ki also can spoil.

so being the person who always likes to settle problems there and then without delay, i hauled ass to lot one to get myself a new video card.

lot one only had one shop selling computer parts, called PC ZONE.

i went in and saw 2 ah bengs tending the shop.

i asked him "hey im interested in buying a video card. you have a list i can refer to?"

"huh, list? dun have."

and he went back to doing his thing.


so i looked around myself and saw a shelf with video cards.

i asked the next ah beng there.

"hey do you have a price list or something for your video cards?"

"what list? just see lor. the price on the box ma."

fucking hell. i swear if that wasnt the only shop in lot one selling video cards, i would have walked out there and then.

anyhow, i settled on this new baby.

Nvidia 9800 GTX

(wanted to post a pic. but blogger sucks. so NO PIC)

218 bucks down the drain, but its okay.


random thought of the day-

saw the advert about ice age 3 : DAWN of the dinosaurs on TV just now.
didnt the ice age come about after the dinosaurs went extinct?