Fysh tails. (pun pun)

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

heh..juz returned frm training..:) all i've got to say is.. "ShIOk AhHh" lol..today was weights training day..so ya..all the gym stuff lor..but b4 that our warmup was 4 rounds arnd the outer track. then stretch..then ya..on to weights..
Did six stations, 3 sets of fifteen each.
hmm..lets see..
1. Benchpress
2. Bicep Curl
3. Squats using the benchpress machine
4. Diamond Back
5 & 6.. ?! duno la..juz do..heh. ya..then 90 crunches..all that usual stuff..heh. isn't canoeing fun? :D whee..but so sad..tmr canot go trng..gotta go shopping for my LTC stuff..argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stress lar..must buy what camera..broomstick..all that shit..5 days of suffering..damn it. :\ nvm la..i think i shall bring a few cartons of milk to the camp..then drink all on the same day..HAHAHA. i juz finished one litre of i-cal again..shit..this sounds like drugs l0h..ahha..ya..like those people who got caught for smoking outta college..i think that's quite dumb lor...of all the places..they had to smoke nearby..ahhah..serves them right..actually i'm not suprised..hmm..nvm..racist stuff..
anyway, juz wanna say..angie u stupid girl, u hit me so many times for nutz! i din even do anything lor! what nonsense la..and my class is seriously traumatising me..dunno wtf ben said my body damn hard la..blah blah..then everyone come touch me..wth. SIAM LAR U ALL BODY TOUCHERS. OR I"LL SUE UR ASSES OFF FOR MOLESTATION. hehe..eh..i'm thinking of forming a new club in sch..its called the F.T.G. (Fraternity of Traumatised Guys). yup, strictly for guys only..no girls allowed. Every meeting sure got CIP hours. Then every wed meet at one table..then got sharing session..where one by one the guys share their traumatising moments..ya..then end of the month got prizes one..like "Best Traumatising Experience" And "Best Traumatisee"..cos since got traumatiser then must have traumatisee rite? it all makes sense..yup..my brain's cracking up..everything i say is outta point.. tEEhEheeEhHEhehEhEHhEhHEhEhHEhehHEEtEEhEHHEhE. k.


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