Fysh tails. (pun pun)

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

didn't go to school today. much thanks to the oysters i ate yesterday. gave me a diarrhoea( is that how u spell it?) haha. nvm. but anyway, the good thing is that my ct didn't come today! HAHAHA. what luck man. woo. hell yeah. guess she must have had a "rough" night. oh well, really miss those guys i hang out with everyday..and of course, her as well. :) hmm, so i stoned at home, watched cartoons till the afternoon, then played my "pearl harbour" vcd as i ate my lunch. haha. i like that show..damn cool. yeah, then slept, woke up, had my dinner, watched holland V, did my work. and i'm now bloggin. yup. *stretches* so happy. tmr will be a really short day. ends at 1. muAhhaz :)
hmm, looks like i was wrong abt angela being angry. she never gets angry. *shrugz* sometimes i wonder if she does irritate herself? hahaha. kiddin. :P but whatever it is, u rawk babe. heh. oh guess i hafta add in sumthin. *beseeches allah to rain holy fire and whatever there is up in allah land on (ben, u know who)* muahhaha. yup, a good deed for the day. :)
oh yeah, and another thing i must mention. i'm now officially against s'pore aunties. basket. i've had enough of em lor. all they do is bother about other pple, never about themselves. bloody busybodies. darn. now she's feeling flustered. can't do anything to help her tho. sigh. anyone wanna join my club? :)

Monday, September 29, 2003

argh..feeling damn sleepy now..dunno why. my eyes juz feel like closing..shall go answer their call after blogging then. today was quite okay..only 4 periods. then after that went to meet alv, then went home, then went to lot1 again. went to arcade to watch him play his stupid drums for 2 times, then went to macs and tried to study. didn't do anything. went to arcade again. wacthed him play. basically i was his doggie following him arnd..not like he has enough doggies already.. lol. :P eh..ya..then kinda met her at kfc..ahha..her friend saw me, so she came in to sit with me. yup, then i showed her his neoprnts with abby.

Abby = Santa Claus And Alv = Elf. alv the elf. muaahhz.kk.

Saturday, September 27, 2003

had a relatively okay day today..let's see..stayed at home for the whole day..did nothing much. haha..oh well, juz another saturday...Zzzz.
hmm, dunno if i shud blog about this..but alright i will. i feel that angela and i are kinda like drifting apart. i dunno if that's how u feel angie, but yeah..that's what i feel. its like we're not as gossipy or whatever as we used to before. but i hope this gap is nothing much, only that we're not talking as much as we used to. but yup, tho i'm attached now, i'll still treat u as a good friend. my half "brother" in fact. so yeap, i'm always there to listen and talk to u if u want me to. :) really miss the times we spent talking crap at macs. hehehe. yup, if u're readin this dear, juz wanna say "love ya always" *hugz* :) dunno what to do now. shall go watch tv or sumthin. lol.

Friday, September 26, 2003

haha..i'm bloggin only cos u told me too :) k. i shall list today's events out.
1. Ponned Chem Lecture and got caught by my chem teacher.
2. Pe. Ran 3.6km in 18 mins.
3. Went out to study at west mall. Yay! i made 2 new friends today! their names are cameron and grace. cameron is tall, and is also a naughty boy. and grace is short! lol. (jiahui suggested that)
That's all. :D

Thursday, September 25, 2003

today, was a nice day. "nice" weather and all. ahha. sian la..went out with her and ben ben juz now. juz came home. bah. shall go call her now. :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

ahah. today was a really slack day.. *yawn* ended sch at 1. then went to town with angela, hongyi and jiahui. haha..basically it was like a double date la..me and jiahui, angela and hongyi..heh. yeah we went to crystal jade to eat xiao long bao and i shared the la mian with jiahui. quite nice, tho abit dry..and the xiaolong bao was the best! really like it when the juice flows thru ur mouth. woo..so exhilarating! haha. yeah then we walked to taka..walk walk walk..then suddenly angela and hong yi disappeared. dunno where they went to. apparently they kinda "missed" us. so they ended up elsewhere. dunno whether they did that on purpose or not..but yeah i'll give em the benefit of doubt. hehe. :P yup..then jiahui and me went to great world city. she went there to change her shirt which was too small for her. while i juz accompanied her. haha..i feel really happy just being around her.. :) yup..then we walked arnd..till 6.30. then we went home..
haha..then on the way home. i didn't know alv was on same train as me. so met him only at jurong..yeah..then went lot 1 library..then went home.
woah..damn tired now..eyes are like almost closing..-.- *yawn again* guess i must be really tired. oh well, since i dun have any hw to pass up tmr..shall go sleep eaerly today..hehe. :P promos..shall wait..*yawnnnn..*

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

today was a generally long long long long day..haha..ended sch at 5.30pm..sighz..tired..then went to some com lab to read pples' blogs. read and read till arnd 6.50..then went to canteen to sit down to chat for a while, before walking to lot 1. haha..i live near lot 1. so its kinda okay for me. outta the 3 pple i was with, 2 of em live arnd the cck area..so yup. lot 1 it is! :D mm..then i met her for dinner. she looked kinda lethargic and tired, like some walking zombie.. hehe. i guess its the after studying effects. so yup. tried to cheer her up by cracking lotsa stupid jokes..apparently, that livened her up a lil..heh. :) yup, then we talked and talked..blah blah blah..till arnd 9..then she had to leave..cos she was staying in tiong bahru. wanted to send her home. but if i did, i would only reach home at 11. and i had a chem test tmr. so she din allow me to.. :) so considerate right? haha..yup, anyway..i at home now. juz finished watching s'pore's brainiest kiddo. turned out that perry lam won. ahha..at least he looks a bit normal..:P yeah..then bathed..and i shall go study for my chem test now. or rather, TRY to. hEheEheh. :D

Monday, September 22, 2003

talking to her now..:) cos someone no more sms wor..k. juz finished talking to her. kinda irritated. dunno why. but i seriously need pple to comment on this. the conversation went like that.

me: okay so tmr i'll go to some corner of lot 1 to study by myself until u wanna eat dinner k?(cos she said i'll distract her)
her:huh..but like that u'll be so alone.
me:i'm okay la..i dun mind studying by myself.
her:den nvm la..we'll meet on thurs then.
me:but i told u its alrite.
her:dun wan la..so waste time for u.

fine. so the problem is i'll be wasting time "trying" to study. what nonsense? i'm wasting time studying? k la..i know i've not been studying and whenever i try to study i end up talking nonsense. but i'll be alone, and what's more the god damned promos are comin. i might be jokin about getting retained. but who in his bloody right mind would get retained anyhow?

oh well. nvm. had another interesting conversation today, or rather, "confrontation". it went like this.
Frank:*pushes roy* and said "ni3 hun4 na2 li3?"
roy: huh? i dun understand.
me:he means, "u zhup where?"
roy: *gives me blur look*
peter: oh, he means, "where do u fool around?"

HAHA. lol. might lose out some of the effect. better if said in person. heh.
argh. shall go do my work now. at least it'll douse my "irritance".

Sunday, September 21, 2003

today, was an absolutely boring day. sigh. fell asleep while doing my physics revision. come to think of it, i think there's both physical stamina and mental stamina. my mental stamina = 0. lol. i think my brain has kinda decomposed after 4 yrs of not usin it. sigh, she's havin a lot of work to do now..pw, history and gp. both hist and gp will take her 5 hrs...plus pw..i really dunno whether she'll even get any sleep..i told her i want to accompany her. but she told me to sleep. hmm, shud i or shud i not? i'm worried that she might not get enough sleep..if i could, i would help her do something..feelin kinda helpless now..:( oh well, i can't do anything but listen to her and go and sleep. dear, if u're reading this as u're doin ur pw, i'll try to stay awake as long as possible..until i fall asleep...to give u all the support u need. remember..i'm always there for u.. just a phone call away. :)

Thursday, September 18, 2003

went to sch. went for lessons. took maths test. stoned in classroom. went home.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

lets see. today was a darn short day..ended sch at 1.. so met her. so lucky her tuition was at 7.30 pm. otherwise couldn't go out with her. was really looking forward to today. :) mm hmm. went ikea with her. ate the meat balls thingy..haha..she taught me how to eat em. like must cut em into two.. spread the cranberry jam over it, and then eat it. hmm, otherwise, i'll juz eat it my way. pop the whole ball in. :D yup, after eating, walked around ikea...she wanted to buy a cushion for me..haha..yeah i guess my life isn't warm enough. :) so yup, she bought me a cushion..some green colour one. got blue also. hehe. yup, very nice. thanks dear. :) mm..then after that we went great world city, and i saw my WHITE NIKE SLEEVELESS SHIRT! OH MY ALLAH man! finally found it after like dunno how long. lol. gonna buy it. hehe. b4 someone else snaps it up. yup, she bought 2 shirts too. one with a pink dolphin for her teacher who was flying off, and one for herself. :) those shirts look quite nice. got swarvoski crystals one. lol. k. nice nice. then she went to buy some tiramisu cake for her teacher's bdae. :) yup, then went off, cos she had tuition and i had to go home. mm hmm. had a nice day today. ahha..darn..tmr maths sure die. don't know how to sketch curve. hehehehehhehehZzzZzz. :D fux lor.

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

lets see. today was a rather fine day. nothing much happened. but on my way home, a scene of children playing hide and seek under my block made me think back on my childhood days. when i was young, i was really carefree and boy was my life good. i've not experienced stress when i was young. in pri sch, all i did was sit in class and talk, yet i still get band 1s. yup, then after sch, i would go to my child care centre, where i would stay till my mum picked me up. i loved my friends there. everytime we had outdoor time, we would play catching.."boys catch girls" or "girls catch boys", or hide and seek. come to think of it, playing catching was free, yet exciting. unlike now, i've gotta pay to be excited. lol. i really miss those days, where everyday in my life was juz to look forward to playing catching. :) right now, if u were to go around asking pple " hey u wanna play catching under my block?" all they would say is "u siao ar?" or "so childish. grow up la". yup, that is what most pple would say. but for me, i'm game for anything. i'm a childish boy at heart actually. yeah..and i still watch cartoons every sat and sun mornings. lol. okay..gtg now..:) ciao~

Monday, September 15, 2003

hmm, shall blog now in case i dun have the chance to blog later. hah..mum went out to some wedding dinner. so right now i'm alone till 7.30 when my sis comes back frm tuition. :) oh well, lets see. nothing unusual today..haha..got scolded by teachers for not finishing the hol assignments. yup. that's all i guess. then after sch, went to the popular megastore to buy bdae card. but ben din want to cos the cards were not nice. so he went home. wasted our time. bah.. :P. yeah anyway, angela and i went to macs to talk nonsense again..haha..waste time..then ya went home. shall watch holland V now. :) ciao~~

Sunday, September 14, 2003

okay lets see. today has been a really dead day. i stayed at home the whole day, trying to finish up my chem hw. darn. juz realised that i've got one whole shit load to do..sigh. :( oh well, the impt thing now is not to dwell on it, but to get it over and done with. hmm, to all couples out there. i've got a phrase for u guys. "Love is a gift, not an obligation". If u ask me, i would say that normally, most couples quarrel and break up, mainly due to them thinking that their partner should change for them. but no, that's not the case. both should change for each other, and if possible, one should take one step back. if someone loves you, take it as a life long gift, always feel grateful, never take it for granted that that gift will be with u all the time. :) yup, and ben..relax la bro. why the heck are u fretting about girls? if they come, they come. u'll find the special one in ur life, ahha..like me..took me 9 months. but it was worth it in the end. the longer u wait, the better ones u'll get. why get someone now, and regret it when someone better comes along? take things in ur stride, and cheer up. cos life's more than just girls. :)
went out with her yesterday to watch turn left turn right. lol. its quite an interesting love comedy i would say. :) mmm..then after the show, went to eat ice kachang with her at the food court..and haha it seriously sucks. the syrups din even taste nice and sweet at all..bah. anyway, after eating with her, walked around tiong bahru plaza, and frm there i walked her home. haha..and THAT was her first time walking home frm tiong bahru plaza~ :P the walk wasn't really long..distance is quite the same as walking frm lot 1 to my house. yup yup, the walk was really nice, esp if u're with that special someone. :) she sent me to the bus stop, then we waited for the bus together. hmm, i still think i shud've sent u home. lol. shan't say any mushy stuff on my blog. ;) hope u'll have a fine day today!

Friday, September 12, 2003

hmm, been coming home late quite often these few days..so could only blog today..haha..but this shall be a special post..just for yesterday. =)
mm..yesterday, the whole day was quite boring, went to lot 1 to play pool with alv first, then went home to sleep for a while, before going to chinese gardens to see the hello kitty exhibition. yup yup, 5 of us went,me, ,jh, liz, angie and jamie. the whole thing was quite nice..enjoyable in fact, to be able to see all those wonderful lanterns with her. :) haha..we paid 12 bucks, and walked for like say..2 hrs plus, then we all had to go home. i saw her home as usual, but on that night, i did something really different. something that i did for the first time. yup, feels great. even tho it was only for like 10, 15 mins, i really enjoyed every moment of it. if i had a choice, i would want it to last forever. :) sometimes she calls me stupid, and silly..but i dun mind being silly and stupid, if it makes u happy. :) if i were to say something now, i'd say "i really want u by my side all the time". and i mean it. =) heh. gotta go..mum's comin home soon. :P

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

haha..changed my blog layout and colours, lets just say that the colour is to suit my taste, and the lil cute kittens are to suit hers. :) lalala. had a REALLY MONOTONOUS day. wasted my whole afternoon rotting in food court and macs. shan't comment bout it. damn irritating. had to go home with kee chern summore. kee chern, if u're ever gonna turn on a comp, go online, and come to my blog, i juz wanna tell u that u're a really boring person filled with dry humour, amen. i've always wanted someone frm my class to live near me so we could go home together. apparently, i'd rather he not exist. sigh. juz finished watching s'pore brainiest kid. lol. althea had to look the most decent of em all man. too bad she din get into the last round. bah. stupid goldfish desiree got in tho. i've gotta say that she's got this really interesting way of answering questions. quite alike a tortoise. she kinda sticks her head out whenever she says something. damn irritating. bah. and there was a luo han fish lookalike also. HAHAHAH. HAHAHAH. k. i juz saw the president's star charity commercial. it shows tay ping hui and sharon au with 2 spastic kids asking pple to help those kids realise their dreams, their hopes, and whatever. i don't wanna sound mean, but can i ask what aspirations or any REALISTIC dreams could they ever have? i don't think they even know the meaning of dreams. its quite pathetic come to think of it, that they juz live their entire lives being spoonfed and being incapable of doing anything on their own. plus with fanatically and blindly loyal muslims running around blowing things up, what more can the world ask for? speaking of mats, i juz 2 mat kids throwing stones at a poor kitten at the park downstairs my block. since i was just looking down from my 15th floor window, i couldn't do anything. but seriously, i swear that if i was down there, and if i see them doing that, i'll literally whack em. i dun give a damn if their mat minah mum is nearby. FUCK THOSE BLOODY MAT KIDS. i'm not a racist wannabe juz because i do not like their face or skin colour, but because of what they do. if even they themselves do not respect themselves, how could they expect us to respect them in return? i'm not referring to the malay population in general. juz some pathetic malays who give pple like me the wrong impression. everywhere i go, i see malays cutting queues, littering, abusing animals, hugging and kissing each other in public. seriously, what got into allah's mind when he decided to create such a pathetic race? lol. i juz wanna laugh.

Monday, September 08, 2003

oh cool. suddenly i remember the pword to my blog. it juz popped into my head juz now. lol. :) oh alright..i've been feeling lazy..so like damn long nv blog..hehe. right. so i'm bloggin now! eh..k shall start frm today.

Today, i went to sch for some sat workshop. lol. what an extreme waste of time. wanted to zhao..but oh well, stayed thru the end. haha..but i learnt how to inteprete analogies wor. so cool. yup. then, went out with the vball guys. all i can say is, u guys are one cool bunch man! all of em damn on & damn sporting, hard to find this kinda pple in pj now if u ask me. wish the canoeing pple were a like that..sigh. haha..yeah anyway, we went to cdans, and played 40 mins of lq. (Buy 30 mins get 10 mins free) hehe..free advert. :D heheh. and then the fun began man. a total of 10 pple went. Lets see, me, frank, angela, hong yi, su-ne-ne, carol, daniel, cindy, gavin and regine(another canoeist. my vice capt.). Yup, so for the first round me frank angela hongyi and regine were on one team. Yup, and after that experience, i realised that LQ is a REALLY merciless game. Want examples? heh. eg1. Cindy and carol kinda cornered themselves, so frank hongyi and me were kinda ganging them. then frank suddenly had his gun hit cindy's eye or sumthin. and she was like "wah lao u hit me! so pain!" however, no one stopped to care for her. the 3 of us were just like laughing maniacally and still continued shooting at both of em. Afterall, free frags are what they are, right? :) the same happened to gavin when he tripped and fell, and when some other pple fell too. haha. they're juz really damn "xia4 jian4" :D oh well, i got 1st for 1st round. dun ask abt 2nd round. we changed the girls in the team. so now cindy and carol were in our team. hahaha..then got this part which i found damn funny. Carol was like being cornered by 3 guys, and at that time i juz about ran past her. she saw me, and screamed for my help. I looked at her, looked at her 3 assailants, and all i said was "BYebYE". then i ran away. LOL. left her there to be "raped". I realised i shud nt have done that..cos it lead to the other team winning. And stupid toylet and regine were like insane lunatics, all the gun snatching etc. plus gavin and su-ne-ne were covering their chest pad. so how to shoot em?! lol. but it was damn fun, damn exhilarating. hohoh. shud do that again! :D

oh well, damn tired now. shan't go to sch tmr. shall go swim or sumthing. hahah..i think this hols is so gonna be wasted man..lol..RETAIN-ACY here i come! :D