Fysh tails. (pun pun)

Monday, February 22, 2010

post of the week! (almost forgot) this week has been pretty slack, only 2 days in camp since i had friday off. Nothing much happened either, though i finally passed my icct! But with a dislocated arm AGAIN! Wth. And it came out just 10 secs into the fight. Thank god they didnt fail me again. If they did, i think i'd go crazy. Anyhow, shoutout to ben : hey paiseh bout saturday ah, pangseh u halfway. I really appreciate the lift down though. Thanks man. :) met up with felicia today in the afternoon before heading down to weilong's niece birthday party in the evening. All in all, a pretty long day for me. At least i get to book out wed night for some eprep shit in maju camp on thurs. Saikang on friday too. Alright, night!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

OKAY so i skipped like 1 month of blogging. hahahahha. just barely into 2010 and i already did not adhere to one of my resolutions!

anyhow, whats new. about 4 more months to ORD! and i guess i've more or less decided what i'm gonna major.

psychology. why? because i think its scientific, yet abstract at the same time. already borrowed some psycho books from the library, and i must say they are a pretty interesting read. i can't wait to start school again man.

officially signed up for the 84km marathon too. REALLY REALLY hope i can complete it and get the finisher shirt. its really something big for me. too bad my left knee is fucked, and honestly i dont know how long it'll take to recover. i just hope its not too long, only left with about 3 more months - 29th may.

new year has been...boring. lol. its always the same old shit, rinse and repeat. relatives ask you about ur gf and studies. sigh. next time i wont ask my relatives about all that crap. just shut up and watch the damn tv.

Good thing is, long break = lots of time.

lots of time = mass effect 2 and bioshock 2!

man..those games sure finished downloading at the right time!