Fysh tails. (pun pun)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

okay so backtrack to thursday.

i had my last skipping lesson at Damai primary. i was slightly late, but thank god i didnt decide to take a cab down (AGAIN). i was kinda happy that it was the last, but i kinda felt bad about leaving Nicki by herself for the subsequent lessons. i know she can handle it though.

i realised that i have very low tolerance towards negative attitudes. there was this kid who didnt wanna skip, and just wanted to laze around/play by himself. i was THIS close to shouting at him. see, thats the difference between school and army. its tough being a teacher in a school, because at this point in time, the students are like invulnerable while the teachers are subservient to them and their parents. if they don't listen to you, you gotta say nice things to them to coax them. you know what, screw that man. if that's the case, teaching is pointless and redundant. and it didnt help that while he was doing his own thing, other kids were looking at him and asking "instructor, how come he can sit there and not skip?"

after lesson, nicki and i went to the toilet. ok, that sounded wrong. we both put our bags on a table outside the toilet, and i waited for her outside while she went in to change. i heard someone calling "instructor fysh", so i turned and i saw that the sound came from the boy who refused to skip just now. he said he remembered me from last time, so i said thank you, and asked him how come he didn't wanna skip just now?
he said he had a fever and asthma and chest pain bla bla bla, though he didn't look like he had any at all. i really hate people with chao keng attitudes, doesnt matter whether the person is old or young. i hate it because i have been like him before, back in sec sch. when i used to chao keng to siam CCA.

in any case, i just said okay to him, asked him to go home and rest, and participate more actively in the next lesson. which is the most politically correct answer.
next time when i have a kid of my own, while i believe in communication is key, if he/she ever exhibits such an attitude, i think i'll confirm admonish him/her, even cane if there's a need. if this attitude continues to adulthood, it'll get him/her nowhere, because his/her personality will just be so damned shitty.

after skipping i had another stint at carlton hotel. i happened to accept this job because i wanted to try out banquet waitering, which i've never done before. hazel was kind enough to wait for me at city hall after her work, and brought me over to the registration area at the back of the hotel, which would have taken me some time to find thanks to its remote location. she kept me company throughout the registration process too and up till it was time for me to go up. thanks hazel. :)
changed and had dinner at the staff canteen. i was assigned to this function room which i think a company was holding their new year dinner or something. prepared their yu sheng for them and got an ang pow in the process. much thanks to my colleagues that night who allowed me to, despite the fact that it was my first time working. i think while i was preparing the yu sheng, my face was damn red. so paiseh, everyone looking at you preparing the dish. i just kept telling myself not to fumble or screw up.

pretty much spent the entire night just clearing plates, topping up tea and beer etc etc etc. i didnt quite like the atmosphere there though. there's a very stressful vibe around it. i think its the same for each and every restaurant as well. everyone is snappy and irritable lol. and it didnt help as well i kept asking where to put this, what to do, where to find this etc. another funny thing was, i think i was the only waiter going around speaking in english, "Hi sir/mdm, may i clear your plate for you?" while every other tom dick harry was speaking in mandarin/cantonese. by the time i got home, it was almost 12mn and i was dead beat.

friday and saturday was spent working in the cafe. on friday i decided to stay till closing so i could learn more. besides me and jem, there are 2 other girls, melissa and yvonne, both from TP - taking a diploma in culinary and baking science (i didnt know they had such a diploma), on attachment over there as well. however they are leaving next week, so i felt i had to learn as much as i could from them. yvonne i only got to meet today. she was pretty nice too, made me a sandwich with a chilli sauce drawn fish on top. i would have taken a pic of it, but then the thought didnt cross my mind when i was wolfing it down.

besides tending the cafe, i also helped out at the baking school just next door. it so happened i started working near the new year period, so i had to help to make LOTS AND LOTS OF almond cookies/pineapple tarts. its seriously hard work to make those stuff by hand and one by one.

however, time passes pretty fast while in the cafe though. i dunno why. these 2 days we've had private functions. today's one was for CDC - which jem thought was CONTROLLED DISEASES CENTRE -.- (but its actually community development centre la).

and oh wow look at the time, its almost 12.40am alr. i need to shower and go to bed, got to wake up at 7.45am AGAIN and on a SUNDAY summore. sucks. looking forward to mon/tues though, i need a break from all this work.

here you go hazel, a proper update. NOW YOUR TURN.

Friday, January 28, 2011

my goodness. i just got home after working from 10.30 AM to 10 PM. its insane. plus i havent had dinner yet so im very very grouchy.

need to take a hot shower and cook something NOW.

Monday, January 24, 2011

woke up early today to the sound of my SMS tone. i didn't sleep well last night, i don't know why. it was like as though there was something constantly at the back of my mind, bugging me. the thing is, i seldom have such trouble sleeping. usually its just - i close my eyes, and the next thing i see when i open them, are the blue skies and sunshine outside.

anyhow, tmr's lesson is cancelled, leaving me with one whole day to rot at home again. i think after this week i shan't work for Emotion anymore. although the pay is good at 15 an hour, i dont exactly fancy the travelling. plus, they always like to hold their meetings at hougang sports hall at 10am. the result is, usually i don't turn up. lol. and it makes me feel bad.

teaching skipping is fine, though i must say that the novelty has kinda worn off. i like working with kids, encouraging them. but i find it hard to teach them something which i myself am not proficient in. picture this - i tell them to do double unders, or perhaps even triple unders. but i myself can't even do those. how am i fit to teach them? its like a constant weight on my conscience, or rather the constant fear that some kid might randomly ask me to demonstrate. sure, my colleague told me to brush them off if they ask, diverting their attention to something else instead.

how many times can i do that? sure, i could practice those moves myself, that's definitely a solution. but honestly, skipping isnt my forte nor is it my interest.

i realized its hard to teach others something which you have no passion in. so i guess this week shall be the last. at least this frees me up with time to commit for the cafe job. having to juggle both sides was kinda hard.

on a brighter note, i'm looking forward to work at the cafe on wednesday! sure could appreciate something to do, and as always, something to learn.

so today i met YR for lunch since i had to drop by bukit batok to photocopy my stats book. went for a movie after that. watched season of the witch. it was pretty good i must say, though i didnt expect it to be full of monsters and demons.

if tmr's weather is good, will go swimming again. should take this time to tan as much as possible, else for the rest of the week i don't think i'll be able to.

in any case, going for a run now! :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

so next week will be pretty packed for me. nothing on on monday. there's robotics on tuesday at cat high from 2-4pm. wed cafe work. thursday skipping 1.30-3.30pm. friday-sunday cafe work. lol omg.

but i guess at least its better than bumming around. need to save up money for my diving trip in april!

went swimming/suntanning today after quite a hiatus. weather was great today! good riddance to all those cloudy/rainy weather. i love the feeling of sun on my skin. plus i always believe that guys should have a tan. fair guys just look...wrong.

my favourite pair of sunglasses which i bought from HK broke today. i dunno why. :(

okay and because hazel couldn't give me a proper random topic to blog about, this post shall end here. bye.
i love saturdays. :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

today, i worked for nothing.

supposed to be at damai pri sch (in bedok btw) at 1.30pm. I left house at 12.15pm. Walked to the bus stop and i realised that if i were to take mrt/bus, i would reach there late. so being the responsible person i am, i took a cab down.

20 dollars. lol. and thats not factoring in my lunch yet. so in the end i've more or less spent my day's earnings of 30 bucks.

so i conducted my lesson with this girl called Nicki, who's new. actually i also damn long nv teach skipping alr, so i was quite nervous as well. hahahaha. but pros will be pros, and the lesson ended without any problems.

after the lesson ended, i went with nicki to mustafa centre, since she asked if i had anything on after that and i said no and so therefore she asked me to join her which i naturally obliged. so off we went to mustafa centre because she wanted to buy a whistle. fox 40 whistle. apparently its some damn zai whistle cos IT CAN BE HEARD OVER A MILE AWAY OMG. 9 dollars wth. mine free lor. thanks to SAF.

oh and while we were there, it happened to be thaipusam today, so there were those indian processions going on. quite interesting, but also quite ouch to watch, since they had their bodies pierced left right center.

ok today's post is full of broken english because its more rilak to type like this without giving so much thought to sentence structure and all that poppycock. see i just typed a sentence with 28 words straight without any punctuation. how cool is that. i.r.hungry.i.r.going.to.eat.now.bye

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

so in my quest to find a job during this semester break, i went down to rachel's mum's cafe today for an "interview". haha well, it wasn't so much of an interview since rach and jem more or less already put in a good word for me, telling her how hardworking i was etc etc etc. it did raise her expectations of me, but then again, they spoil market. -.-

after the interview, i was put in a dilemma.

rachel's mum (judy) offered me two pathways. the part time pathway which has flexible timings at 5.50 an hour. or the full time pathway, which requires me to commit 6 days a week, 9 hours a day, for 1 month. and i get 1.3k for that month.

however, i think its more or less resolved by now, thanks to hazel's "orh part time la..last minute can cancel go have fun". hahaha though i won't cancel on people last minute, i think its best if i work part time. that leaves me with some spare time to go out/relax/suntan/teach stats.

so part time it is then! the question now is - how many days should i work per week? i'm still undecided between either 3 or 4 days. going at the rate of 50 a day, considering a full 9 hour day, i'll earn 150 if i work for 3 days in a week, 600 for the month. dunnooooooooo. urgh. 3 or 4? thats keeping in mind that i have to earn about 800 for my diving trip in april.

plus if i work at this cafe, i have to find a way around to juggle my skipping job too. tsk. so many things to think about, even after exams.

ANYWAY, on to the main issue of the day! i'm really happy now because the seabass i cooked tasted really delicious! my family enjoyed it too. wah there's nothing like eating your own catch. my dad said the meat was more tender and better due to the seabass being a wild one, as compared to those reared ones they sell at the market.

Monday, January 17, 2011

the last post i wrote was my 900th post! wow time sure flies.

anyhow, just came home. went over to Dee's place for lunch in the afternoon with jem and YR because they both wanted to cut their hair and Dee's mum happened to be a hair dresser. So they decided to give it a try. anyway 5 DOLLORS only so very very cheap.

after that, went to school to collect our work. school really seemed like a ghost town today.

work was, okay la. i think.

C,D,D for socio workbook exercises which were done super last minute and while half asleep.
84!!!!!!!!!/100 for stats lab report. 84!!!!!!!! URGH. WHY NOT 85.
and 75.5/100 for psych essay, which i don't know why. i got 77 for draft.

anyhow, with these results, i'm keeping my fingers crossed for a D across the board. hopefully la. lol

so i just got home and it just finished raining, resulting in a very conducive environment to sleep in.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

can you feel the love tonight? :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

stats today was goooooooooooooooood! i'm pretty satisfied with the paper, except for ONE TEENY TINY CARELESS MISTAKE which i made. and i realised it only when the time was up. but overall should be good. :))

went to watch Centurion at cathay with jem,rach and yr after stats. lol machiam exams over already, everyone heck care soci.

Centurion. was. bad.
action, yes. gore, lots. but storyline was really fail. this movie is another perfect example of the "good trailer, bad movie" category, synonymous to Skyline. So if you're a fan of epic battles and war movies, like 300 or LOTR, i think you'll be utterly disappointed.

wah i cannot alr. damn tired. only slept for 5 hours last night - slept at 4am, woke up at 9am. i wanted to sleep more, but my empty stomach woke me up. NIGHT.
so its already wednesday and 1101 and 2101 are O-V-E-R!

i think i did alright for those exams, but yet not very satisfactory. sigh. the ironic thing is that after the exams have passed, THEN you'll wish that you had studied more. hahaha i think thats the problem with me. its like...while i was doing those papers, there were plenty of times when i experienced the TIP OF THE TONGUE PHENOMENON. its like i know i've read about it before, i know the answer, but i just can't spit it out.

and as i was telling YR, i still can't seem to memorize properly which part of the brain does what, or is located in what. take for example, this question:

The Broca's area is found in the _________.


The functions of sleep, breathing blah blah blah are found in the ________.

wah lao eh i really suck at answering such questions. i think over the holidays i have to go and memorize all that stuff.

i think the reason why i suck at such questions is because i always get mixed up between the different functions and their localizations.

okay. ENOUGH OF EXAMS WHICH ARE OVER. stats later. i hope it'll turn out alright! doing the past year paper has boosted my confidence, so im keeping my fingers crossed that it'll still be as easy!

anyhow, to end off, i was listening to Aerosmith's Don't wanna miss a thing just now as i was writing down my notes.

I must say, after such a long time, its still one of my favourite songs. Both lyrics and tune wise.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

this morning, i tried to be funny with my mum.

i switched on the tv at about 9+am while i was having breakfast. flipped through the channels till i came to channel U, which happened to be airing "Majulah Singapura" before it started showing its tv programmes for the day.

so i cheekily said, "wah this is my favourite song of all time"

my mum, who happened to be sitting behind me, replied "is it? then why don't you stand up?"

Saturday, January 08, 2011

drove all the way to hougang sports hall at 9am for training. urgh. now im damn sleepy. not to mention tonight i've got to attend my grandma's birthday dinner at some chalet. hohsei thats one whole day gone, and i've YET to touch my psych.

anyhow, i was buying bak chor mee from my fav store at the kopitiam just now. here's how the conversation went. (in mandarin)

me: hi uncle, bakchor mee (BCM) 4 packets. 1 packet dont want chilli
uncle: okay can

-after 2 mins-

uncle: eh your one is the chilli or no chilli one?
mine: mine ah? got chilli.
uncle: okay.

-after another 2 mins-

uncle: (raising up a packet of BCM) this one your one ok? this one got more chilli.
me: wah swee la thanks uncle

Usually when i order for myself, i would ask for more chilli. But since i was buying for my family, i decided to do away with the more chilli - making it simpler for the uncle. Afterall, the fewer things you request for, the easier the uncle's job. I've been in the service industry so i know.

When the uncle said he added chilli for me, without me asking, i was really impressed that the uncle remembered my preferences. Talk about service excellence.

And boy did my BCM with more chilli taste good. :)

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Quick update:

Its funny how when I'm revising by myself and when I chance upon a particular question to which I don't know the answer, I'll just look at the answer sheet and accept the answer for whatever it is. But when someone else asks me how to do the same question, I'll go all out to find out the rationale behind the given answer.

2 hours on a single MCQ question. I think i've more or less covered the entire topic on Statistical Powers.
just had lunch and thought i'd sneak in a quick update before i resume mugging again.

i happened to read through an old blog last night, and boy did it bring back memories.
that's one thing i like about having a blog, you can actually track your own thoughts and changes throughout that time span.

here's what someone special told me before - i'm a very prideful person, and if anyone does or says something to hurt it, i become very spiteful. sarcasm usually entails, and i'll use my left brain hemisphere (pardon the psych shit) for the wrong purposes - to hurt someone dear to me. Although its somewhat a part of me, i believe one day i'll manage to change that, to become a more accepting and forgiving person.

several things happened last year, which changed my outlook and perspective on many things. i used to believe in the notion that if you're patient and persistent (in a good way) in waiting for that special someone, he/she would eventually, in layman's terms, like you back and everyone would have a happy ending.

some people believe in that, some people don't. i used to, but not anymore.

these days, i believe in reciprocity. if the person you like or whom you're attracted to, isnt giving you back the responses that you're looking for, then there's no point. i always believe that for a relationship to work, or for it to even start, there must be a two-sided exchange. Reciprocity is like fuel, which keeps the momentum going. If i were a girl, and i'm interested in a guy who's interested in me as well, i'll definitely text him/ask him out, etc. These days, guys usually appreciate girls who do such things, rather than girls who just sit there and wait for things to happen, believing in their old-school notions of romanticism.

Wait for things to happen = nothing. As simple as that. For me at least.

That said, if the girl you like isn't giving you back the appropriate responses you're looking for, then there really isn't a point in investing your emotions and time on her. Correct?

Realistically speaking, i'm definitely right. If the girl isnt interested in you, the 1000000 sweet things you do for her won't even compare to the 1 sweet thing which someone else she's interested in did for her.

hahaha, alright enough of the depressing stuff. i've always been fascinated by male-female attraction. maybe next time when i'm old and retired, i shall write a book on it.

On a lighter note, psych mid term results are out! 35/40, which isnt too shabby imo, considering i always pull last minute chiong study stunts. (even now)

anyway Hazel, if you're reading this, i hope you're feeling better already. :)

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Today, I was asked why I didn't blog anymore.

I guess it shouldn't hurt to start again. :)

Ok well, so exams are looming and I still have loads to cover. I just hope that I can cover, if not all, then most of the stuff by the end of the week.

Tried the peppermint mocha today, I didn't know they served it hot. Always thought it was cold. Hot drinks...not really to my preference, but it was still good nonetheless! I love peppermint. Or any type of mint, really. Except spearmint. Come to think of it, i think there're only two types of mint. -.- Okay but i love mint icecream, mint chocs, mints in general, even though it kills my sperms.

Anyhow, i should refrain from drinking caffeine next time. it accelerates my heart rate for HOURS (even now, when i drank my mocha at like 2pm), makes me feel bloated and gives me a headache. I think i shall put caffeine in the same category as alcohol - under the label "Stuff to avoid drinking unless only in special circumstances".

At least today was productive, got some work done, even though its still a pittance compared to what i still have left to cover. BUT SOME PROGRESS, IS STILL PROGRESS.
some dissonance is always good, serves as self motivation.