Fysh tails. (pun pun)

Sunday, February 29, 2004

hmm. just when i msged pinkie on msn, she went offline. waffak. silly girl probably went off i guess. but its so unlike her to sleep at 12.26am. lol. oh well. i'm juz waiting for my dad to come into the room for a second check before playing gunbound. whaha. imma trixxy lil biatch. keekles. nothing to do now tho. wanted to take a before and after pic of me brushing my teeth juz now. but the tooth paste dropped onto the camera. damn. and i nearly wanted to put it under the tap to wash. then i was like, "hmm, if i put it under the tap. won't it spoil?" lolololol. bored lar. faster come into the room leh nabei.

Friday, February 27, 2004

heh. today was a really slackish day. stayed at home for the whole day, save going to lot 1 to have my lunch. juz had my dinner. but i only ate a lil. dunno why i felt damn full. so i only ate the dishes and threw the rice away. heh. how boring. haha. i can still recall, 1 year ago, at this very day, the O lvls came out too. cant see why everyone's so worried about their results. maybe the diff is when u put in effort and when u did not. yeah for me i juz strolled to sch, took my result slip, opened it, and say, "oh myes." lol i thot i would get over 20 for not studying lar. then i'll be the first chinese high dude to get more than 20. hehehe. but oh well i didn't. hmm. so lets see now. gunbound biatch got 15, shanna got 16, shujun got 10 and zhiwei got 14. hmm. not too shabby. i think they all did alright. ahha esp zhiwei, who sounded really happy. both gunbound biatch and shanna were kinda disgruntled about their results, xb with english, shanna with erm, i aint sure either. and shujun sounded sad too because her friends around her were feeling disappointed. hmm, u cant be happy abt ur results when the others around u are not. i guess that's why she's feeling down. well, here's a shoutout to u guys. no matter what u get, no matter where u'll be going next, Life's a road we all gonna take. We've crossed paths once, and have bonded together quite well. Let it stay that way, while u make new friends in the place u're gonna go next. no matter whether u got 14, 15 or 16, take pride and tell urself u've done ur best. no worries. Life still rocks. and yeah, please remember the fishie in pjc always yeah? haha..i'll miss u guys. Peace out. =)

Thursday, February 26, 2004

woohoo. long holiday ahead. with all the jae shit. whahha. no sch till tues i think. keekles. retaining rox. :D woke up at 6 am. dunno for wad. played gb. and then there was this match where 2 noobs in our team quit. which left me and alv on 4 people. waffak. but nvm. in the end. alv got 3k dmg. i got 2k dmg. whahaha. bunch of shit. 2 on 4 lar. =D pwn pwn.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

hurhurhur. as usual i was pwning noobs with alv jy and the gunbound biatch. keekles. here's a l33t screenshot of the lightning ss. its damn chio. =D i'm not going to sch tmr. keekles. gunbound day for me. =D

keekles. lightning pwns j00. :D

Sunday, February 22, 2004

whahaha. was just playing gunbound. it was quite a screwed up night for me, xb and jy. until. i got a keeklish knight. =) check it out. =D knight owns u. but my physics practical owned me. cos i haven do yet. KEEKLES. =D



Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. This girl above. This SMILING girl u see above is the oneth who madeth us wait for so darnnnn longggg before we could have our haojianz. And there she is, still smiling to herself, contemplating on what FUNNY TRIX she shud pull nex. tsk tsk. so anyone who knows her, pls be wary. thanks. =D keekles2her. but its alright. because she's DA PRincess afterall! HAIL HAIL! ALLAHU AKBAR.

Disclaimer: The above written was completely ficticious(except for the "made us wait damn long" part) , and anything religious, reputation smearing, thought provoking words/images u see here are not done on purpose. Well, maybe except to one girl. And that's her! =D


Saturday, February 21, 2004

keekles. my mum finally opened the door. thanks to my trix. =D lololol. yesterday was gunbound/haojian day lar. whole day was about gunbounding, literally. xb wanted to go pjc but i trixxed him. AHAHHA. OMGHI2U. so he came to my house to play gunbound lor. alv and him were like pigs lar. come and dirty my room nia. with all the sprite ice and mamies and shitty candied biscuits which alv tried to throw into the kitchens of the nearby block. so childish and deprived can. =\ nvm. lol. i had fun laughing as well. ya then went to kopitiam at 11. DONT ASK ME WHY. SOMEONE HAD A BRIEFING AT 11 CAN. LOLOLOL. then we all met there and had teh bing and haojianz. lol. and waffak lar stupid zw took my belt home can. see bye. i dunno how i'm gonna wear my pants to sch on monday can. =\. NVM GUNBOUND TIME. AHAHHAHA

Thursday, February 19, 2004

juz finished playing gunbound. hehe. break i guess. gonna play again later. sekretly. =D hmm. come to think of it. i was wondering what the diff would be if i didn't retain.

I'd be in j2 now slogging on sch work.
I'd have no time for leisure stuff.
I'd be still stuck in the same dumb assed nerdy class with only angie and frank to talk to.
I'd turn into some pjc guai tai who'd be obessed with A levels.
Overall, No God Damned Stinking Life.

well. how bout if i retained?

I've got lotsa time for my own stuff. 1 more year in fact.
Sch work is still alright. Can still manage.
Got a new class, but sadly, still the same. Cos its PJC.
Overall, I'm still rotting in PJC.

BUT, fortunately, i made quite a number of NEW BUDS, mainly XB the gunbound biatch, Shanna the Lumberer, Zhiwei the "i seriously don't know what to say abt him", and lastly, Shujun the "Princess Pinkie".
Lol. thanks to them, i'm still alive. thanks to them, the first 2 months went past smoothly. thanks guys. u all add colour into my life. rock on. =) keekles2uall. lollerskates.=D

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

sian. got headache. pjc life is juz so damn stressful. sigh.
lol today was a KAN boring day. tmd. not ONE of my clique came today. or whatever that's left of it. lol. and in class, i was sitting in the MIDDLE of 5 EMPTY seats. LOL. suddenly i juz felt like the guai tai of my class. the kwok keong number 2 of my class. wowsa. really lar. then i couldn't take it. and then i zhaoed half way. KAN SIAN KAN BORING. ARGH. and tmr still got the lansai OC shit. screw OC, screw 04s20, and most of all, SCREW PJC. =D

Monday, February 16, 2004

lol. today was a damn huaji day. made one new friend. teehee. =D

Friday, February 13, 2004

wahahha new pics added. this time its THE "PJC BRUDDERS". LOLOLOLOL> TAKE A LOOK YEAH? =D

Thursday, February 12, 2004

HAHA today was a fun/boring day. fun at the first part, boring at the 2nd. lol. ok. went to sch till 11.30, of which i only attended 1 tutorial. the rest of the tiem was spent talking cock. damn fun. but..shanna and xuan bin are gonna fsking withdraw lar. leaving me with the looney zhi wei who's obessed with kok keong. wtf man. i'm gonna fsking die. teehee. but who cares. 1 month left. lol. then zhao sch on pretext that we're going poly at 11.30am. AHHAHA. ben and xb went to my house to gb. and now xb is HOOKED on gb. WHAHAHHA. ANOTHER GUNBOUND FREAK. LOLOLOL. played for 4 hours. and that ends the fun part of the day.
now on to the boring part. after playing, went back to sch, studied there frm 5-8 cos the canoeing teacher wanted us to. lol. did only 4 chem ques. but who cares. wahah. then went loh tuan. watch pple eat. met alv. came home. had sucky dinner. LOL IS THAT BORING OR WHAT. TEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEE

Monday, February 09, 2004

had kinda a long day today. monday was as usual, then after that had gym training. but i only went for a while, and then went to meet alv to go jp to buy some cross stitch stuff he wanna make for abby as a vdae prezzie. lol. copycat. heh.yeah. then came back arnd 9. ate quite a huge bowl of yucky shark's fin. then did a lil work. aiya..really sian diao. lol

Sunday, February 08, 2004

The Completely Pointless Personality Quiz
The Completely Pointless Personality Quiz

why in the blazing hells am i "GRAPES"? lol. wtf?
lol. juz added some shit about myself. heh. bored. i've got a chinese compo to do. =\ but i don't think i'll be doing it. lololol. oh yeah..i downloaded 2 nice songs, ballads in fact. anyone who loves ballads shud download these songs!
1. Bob Carlisle- Butterfly kisses
2. Martina McBride- My Valentine
mmm..i juz love these kinda songs. fuels the passion, and rejuvenates the soul. hell yeah.

here's a phrase frm "Donna Lewis's I love you always forever", "You've got, the most stumbling blue eyes i've ever seen. Under a blue sky of pure white stars. Exotic sweetness, magical time."

mm..nice. =D Say u'll love, u'll love me forever. Never stop, not ever. Near and far, and always and everywhere, and everything.

Saturday, February 07, 2004

haha. sian ji pua. spent the whole damn day trng. now i'm burnt and worn out. =\ but ah well. at least i accomplished something, better than sitting at home, rotting away. ahah.sigh. bored. shall go watch teevee =)

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

haha i dun give a damn anymore. screw it. today's training was butt lousy. really not fucking low tide. low until u can even walk out to the middle of the sea and capsize the other canoeists. and i was so bloody lucky, my legs now have uncountable punctured wounds. fuck. i'm literally lame now. and juz now we still got scolded for leaving the fucking boat BACK AT THE TRAINING AREA. had to go get the damned boat back and by the time we were done, its bloody 7.30. screw it lar. shall go sleep lar. tmd.

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

had quite a boring day. ponned most of the lectures juz to go library and talk crap. yeah that's about all for today. handed her the cross stitch which i've been doing for the past few days today. really glad she liked it. yet i juz read her blog. and she said it wasnt worth it. to me, its worth everything. would u not want to give that someone something as special as her for her birthday or for any other occasion? the money spent, the time i used to make the cross stitch, everything, is worth nothing compared to just knowing that u like it. the thing is, i'm not doing these things just to compel u to return to me. i'm just doing it for your birthday. that's all. no strings attached. yet i don't know why u always feel so stressed whenever i give u something. you know how much i love u, and that's all u've gotta know.