Fysh tails. (pun pun)

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

whenever i see the post below this, i always think it was just yesterday that i wrote that.
thus, pardon the lack of updates. didnt know it was so long alr. lololol

ok anyway, the past 2 weekends have been smashing.

23rd June - Ben's 21st Bday
last week - Closing ceremony of Kallang Stadium (credits to Phil for those 2x tix), Transformers (the most keng movie ever), and having kick ass company HAHAHA

eh eh eh i show u i show u


an update just for today - went for the NDP funpack media event. got one pack myself. now i see why people get the tickets, go in, get the funpack, and leave.

fuck sia the funpack has alot of funny shit inside it LOL

okay i cant compose my thoughts at all so im just gonna end on a random note

Astroninja - Tribute to Wayne Thunder (or something like that) owns you kthnx