Fysh tails. (pun pun)

Friday, September 11, 2009

righto! new update!

Army Open Hause is finally over! The crowd was........ALRIGHT. But seriously i witnessed for myself a reenactment of the Hello Kitty Saga.

Singaporeans are so butt fucking kiasu and humji, they'll start queueing for a 5pm ride at 3pm. like wtf. standing in queue for 2 hours, fun meh?

And to make matters worse, they wanna queue up THEMSELVES, and yet still kaopeh about the hot sun. wtf man, nobody's forcing you to queue up? and besides, its not as though we earn money from each person that sits the ride.

So yes, in conclusion, majority of Singaporeans are sad people who have no life. :(

Still, despite that, i must thank AoH for giving me a chance to hone my emcee skeelz, by constantly announcing "YES THE RIDE AT 3PM IS FULL, NEXT RIDE IS AT 4PM. PLEASE COME BACK LATER. THANK YOU."

And most importantly, AoH also gave me an opportunity to experience a chinook ride! (chinook's something like a transport helicopter, unlike the apache which is an assault one)
Being on a helicopter for the first time was pretty exciting, especially when it was turning left or ride, and you could see downwards into the vast greenery while feeling the wind on your face. its just something you wont be able to feel while in an aeroplane.

Went over to Comex yesterday, and BOY did i spend a bomb.

Here's the breakdown

Razer Lachesis Mouse - $119
Razer Lycosa Keyboard - $119 (with 10 bucks discount)
2gb Ram - $51
Samsung 23" LCD monitor - $358

i actually wanted to buy the 21" one, but it so happened that when i was about to pay for it, i showed them the piece of paper and they all looked at me and laughed.

and they laughed for 1 minute too. wtf?

then they told me "sorry sir, but the last set just got sold about 5 mins ago"

SMLJ. so anyway nvm, i settled on the 23" one in the end.

All in all, i spent a shitload of monies yesterday, but it sure FELT GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD.

my previous monitor, mouse and keyboard had been with me since Sec 4, which is like....7 years ago? haahaha.

now im totally lovin' this new look!