Fysh tails. (pun pun)

Monday, July 18, 2011

so today if you happened to be at or around JCU at around 12+ noon, you would have noticed a peculiar sight. 3 guys pushing a car behind with a girl inside it steering, on the main road, towards SPC petrol kiosk.

that would be me, jem, yr and rach. hahahhaha.

so what happened was that i drove to school in the morning, and for some reason i left my headlights on and went to class. came back down after that and found out that i couldn't start the engine - the battery was dead. tried jumpstarting the engine with jumper cables using jolene's car battery but to no avail as well.

last resort?
pushing the car to SPC.

hahah it must've been quite a sight for the people around the busstop and drivers who drove past us. quite hilarious actually.

so we actually pushed the car to SPC and replaced the battery. 135 bucks. quite chor, but oh well, my fault. hard lesson learnt!


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