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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

just for you nut, here's a quick one. :)

just saw something on FB which really kinda ticked me off.

if you didn't get the picture, basically it was just 2 people commenting on this TV program on Channel 5, criticizing the guy's standard of english in the show - saying how "jialat" it was and how it "even made it to the screen".

c'mon lah. are they like totally oblivious to the nature of the show? firstly, that fella is an ex-convict and this show is about him confessing to us viewers about what he committed in the past.

obviously, anyone with some common sense would be able to assume that the fella did not have much proper education, thus the broken english. he came from a broken family, became a gangster, got into fights. how proper would you expect his english to be?

personally, one of my pet peeves has always been broken english, ie. wrong use of grammar/wrong pronunciation etc. but somehow, if i'm not affected by it, why would or should they be?

"this ah beng engrish damn jialat!" - like DUH? you already said he was an ah beng. its nothing surprising. are you stupid?

"I was wondering how this even made it to the screen.. Damn spoils!" - i was wondering how you even survived to this day with your elitist and uncaring attitude. someone confesses publicly about his crime, and all you have to say, or rather, pick on, is his english? give the guy some respect man.

I just cannot stand the fact that these 2 people are picking on that fella's english. What're they trying to prove anyway?


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