Fysh tails. (pun pun)

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

quick post before i go have my dinner.

AT 11.14PM.

i would say that i'm tired right now, but that would be an understatement. fatigued, drained, exhausted blah blah blah all understatements as well. what is one adjective that can most accurately portray the epitome of physical/mental exhaustion?

anyhow, while on the way home just now, i came across quite a number of couples. now, there wasn't exactly anything peculiar about them, save for the fact that the guys were mostly just short, average looking and scrawny. (think skinny guys wearing oversized tshirts/polo tees)

i've always been fascinated by male-female attraction, so therefore the first thought that struck me was, how and why would guys like them be able to have a girlfriend? disclaimer: i'm not against skinny guys having girlfriends, there's absolutely nothing wrong with it. but my point is, if basing it on the genetic and primordial basis, shouldn't females only be attracted to masculine guys?

by being with a short and scrawny looking, average guy, how is he going to protect the female from physical harm should the need arise? or is that need now defunct?

is the law of attraction now so strong, that it is able to override our most basic instincts for survival? its just like how humour now overrides brawn, although when faced with immediate danger, only the latter could prove useful.

food for thought indeed. and so by ending off with this pun, i'm off to have my dinner.


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